4 things to do on your trip to the Scottish Highlands

trip to the Scottish Highlands

Scotland is a beautiful land full of culture and rich in history. With so many traditions that can be traced back centuries and a landscape that is sure to take your breath away, the area encompassing the Scottish Highlands is an excellent choice for a weekend away.

If you are looking to plan to spend a few days in the Highlands, you will have your pick of great ways to fill the time. Here are four suggestions to help you get started planning your trip to the Scottish Highlands.

1. Visit the Setting of Outlander

Fans of the popular television series Outlander won’t want to miss out on an opportunity to take a first-hand look at some of the more well-known locations from the show on their trip to the Scottish Highlands. With a tour from Silverscreen Tours, you will be guided through the places that served as inspiration for the series as well as for the books that they are based on.

Because the makers of the show placed a notable focus on exhibiting some of the most beautiful examples of Scottish Highland landscape and architecture, this tour will take you through some beautiful places. The historical elements of Outlander are part of what makes the series so gripping for viewers, and the locations where it was filmed surely reflect that as well.

2. Tour Loch Ness

Loch Ness is arguably one of the most well-known attractions on an international scale that Scotland has to offer. The legend of Nessie, the massive monster that lurks in the waters, is known throughout the world. The scenery of the largest loch in Scotland is picturesque and makes the perfect setting for an afternoon of exploring.

If hiking isn’t quite your style, you can take in the views of stunning Loch Ness from the comfort of a cruise. Enjoy good food, drink, and atmosphere while you sail and observe the castles and other monuments that are spotted along the shores.

3. Hike Quiraing

You can enjoy some classic Scottish Highland scenery as you hike through the hill circuit known as Quiraing. This outing is for those seeking adventure and activity, so be sure to pack your hiking boots. Even though the terrain can be rather tough at times, the scenery that you will witness as you hike Quiraing will leave you breathless and with some lasting memories of true Scottish Highland beauty.

4. Sample the Whiskey

No trip to Scotland would be complete without taking the opportunity to sample so of that famous Scottish whiskey. The Highlands are home to some excellent distilleries that date back centuries as well as some newer establishments. Take a day to tour one (or two) and take advantage of the samples.

It is said that the flavour profiles of the various brands of whiskey produced in the Highlands are incredibly varied. This means that you will likely need to try a few different varieties to fully appreciate the craft that goes into Scottish whiskey.

Have you always wanted to take a trip to the Scottish Highlands? What else would you add to this list? For more UK travel inspiration, check out these reasons to love UK city breaks with children.

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