5 compromises I’ve made as a mum for 24 months!

compromises I've made as mum*This is a guest post 

When I was pregnant, I saved for maternity leave so even though we were on a budget, we’d planned for it.  What know one tells you though is the gap between 12-36 months where you have to cover childcare costs! In the UK, you receive childcare funding from the age of 3 so there was a clear ‘money gap’.

So cuts were made and compromise was the name of the game. As a parent, you just have to suck it up and get on with it, so here are my top 5 compromises for 24 months!

The skincare products

I was a strict Dermalogica user but when I was going through IVF I became a bit obsessed with making sure everything was ‘au natural’ so opted for the lovely but expensive Neals Yard. Once the funding gap hit, both of those beautiful beauty products went out of the window and I’ve add to resort to the budget products.  So far, the skin isn’t as teenage looking as I thought…

Hello home dying kit

I’m 38 years old and a brunette.  I’m lucky as I have very thick hair but not so lucky with the greys.  My dad was completely grey by the time he was 21 so it’s no surprise the crispy little devils started coming through at an early age.  Half a head of highlights should cover up those bad boys.  Ah but we’re on the money gap so ‘home dying kit’ it was.  Finding the time to do that with a toddler is another subject, although I have been know to have the foam on my head whilst in the bath with my toddler.  It’s a strong look!

The post-pregnancy wardrobe

Sort and sweet.  My post-baby body didn’t allow me to get back into my pre-pregnancy clothes as this strange happens and for some reason, everything is a little bit lower than it used to be! I did still mange to get into the pre-pregnancy jeans though. Result! The ‘money gap’ didn’t allow for even the high end high street wardrobe so Primark it is!

Polish to feel polished

Now I don’t know about you but there’s something about having your nails freshly manicured that just give you a little extra ‘lift’.  When you sit with your friends, knowing you look like rubbish and you’re on day 5 of dry shampooing but you’ve got the latest shade of CND gel polish on. Winner.  But that’s £30 every two weeks so here comes the compromise.  DIY gel polish kit.  They really don’t look that bad at all!

Date nights

A must in every relationship I’d say but going out costs money.  That said, we’ve been having local date nights of either going for a walk, a drive or cooking together at home after the baby has gone to bed.  This compromise is one of the easier ones as we still get couple time which is so important.

Do these sacrifices sound familiar? Do leave a comment and share below.

5 compromises I've made as a mum for 24 months!

Author bio:  Louise is mum to Isla boo who’s two years old and lives near Ely in Cambridgeshire.  She works part-time as a marketing manager for the NHS and recently starting running a sweet little campaign called ‘Tips for tiny tots’, giving parents in her local area tips, advice and general information of how to get through that minefield of the first 18 months of being a parent.  Scary times I think you’ll all agree!  You can read her first blog ‘The stork should leave a mummy manual’ to find out a bit more about Louise’s journey into motherhood. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

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