TRX2 Hairgrowth Regimen: Could this be the end to our hair loss woes?

TRX2 Hairgrowth Regimen

Let’s talk about hair loss among women. The dirty word. It’s been happening ever since I became a mum – the clumps of hair in the plughole, the fuzzy knots around my hairbands, a floor which seems to be forever littered with my own hair. There’s no denying it…I am losing hair at a far higher rate than I should do. The signs are everywhere but so far….I have been in not very convincing denial about it.

TRX2 Hairgrowth Regimen

But there’s a big part of me that craves that luscious hair of my pregnant self  and pre-pregnancy days….it’s true I’m not getting any younger but if things keep going the way they have been then I’ll be as badger before long!

So what to do about female hair loss? Because I know that many of you reading this must also be experiencing this too…we’re just keeping mum about it, as usual.

Cue TRX2®, a safe, naturally-based hair support regimen that encapsulates the foremost scientific knowledge on molecular mechanisms developed by Oxford Biolabs.

TRX2 Hairgrowth Regimen

Apparently it’s all to do with understanding the role potassium play in the growth of hair and so the scientists at Oxford Biolabs® have developed an innovative, drug-free approach to facilitating the transport of nutrients into the hair follicle. The TRX2® formula is available in the form of a capsule and two topical solutions, foam and lotion.

TRX2 Hairgrowth

Until now I have been really reluctant to try anything because I’ve been worried about having a whole other set of problems through potential hormone interference or funky side effects but a major win for me is that there are no major side effects and no hormone interference that comes along with this product. Sounds good so far. Plus it’s backed by World-Class R&D so no hocus-pocus shady research which seems to have been manipulated to fit the bill.

So what I want to know is…will it really do what it says on the tin?

Well if the clinical study results are anything to go by it looks like it could very well be:

TRX2 Hairgrowth Regimen

Well, I’m going to be trying the treatment across the  TRX2® Capsules and TRX2® Foam and Styling Cream (both of the latter are a topical application) to see for myself if this really is possible. Stay tuned for the follow up (I’m really hoping this is going to be the end of my hair loss woes!). In the meantime….here’s me in a rare and bare-faced selfie with my hair now. I’ll be checking back in after my course of treatment with a before and after.

TRX2 Hairgrowth Regimen

In the meantime you can have a look at how I get on with applying the Hair Revitalizing Foam plus Thickening and Styling Cream in this demo:

Until then, my fellow hair losing mamas! xoxo

For more information on the TRX2 range of products see here.

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  1. My hair loss has sped right up this year, I’ll be lucky to have any left by the end of the year! Does this work for men too?

  2. I think I had this problem after I gave birth to T. Thank goodness, it seems to have stopped. If not, I’d definitely consider trying out TRX2 hair growth regimen too. x

  3. Hair loss is such a huge thing especially for us women, I don’t even have kids and been losing hair in the middle of my head. I am trying different products but the improvement so far is minimal. Good luck with this brand

    • Thank you for your question! TRX2® was designed to provide a better option for those with androgenetic alopecia/ hair thinning. It combines powerful metabolic stimulants (potassium chloride, BCAA, nicotinic acid) with a naturally-based, energy-generating substance (L-carnitine-L-tartrate), and nourishes hair follicles on a molecular level (more information you can find at ). Just please mind that we are knowingly selling our products to adults, so in case you have very young brother, it is better to consult with your personal doctor 🙂

  4. it is sad truth that my hair are falling everyday.Hair loss is such a huge thing especially for us women, thank you for writting a great articles,,can i use the Special Effects Hair Dye for stop losing hair?

  5. Ohhhh!
    My head was full by deep hair. But in 6 months i have lost one third of my hair for my pregnancy! 🙁
    I spent hour after hour to find any solution to recover my hair. Your post will help me a lot ! Thank you dear <3

  6. My hair has been ruined by having kids, and I think if you have become a Mum later in life it doesn’t recover so well. My hair bounced back when I was a Mum the first time round, but has really suffered in my 40’s. Will be following this with interest

  7. thanks for sharing a great article about hair loss. Sometimes I also suffer in hair loss especially when I don’t sleep well at night. Is it normal?

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