How many sessions of acupuncture for fertility do you need?

acupuncture for fertility

As you embark on the road to better fertility and – one hopes – fast and effective treatment sessions to help you with a successful conception, it’s crucial to be mindful again that everyone’s experience is different.

But not to worry: the best professional acupuncturists are those who specialise in bespoke fertility treatments, and will tailor each programme to meet individual needs.

There’s no number of sessions you can exactly pinpoint when you choose a series of acupuncture tretaments for fertility. But think in the general region of once a week, or three to four hour-long sessions a month as an average figure, across three to four menstrual cycles.

This can vary, however. Some acupuncturists will recommend you visit them for twice-weekly sessions, again according to need. You will soon establish a rhythm and, hopefully, a good rapport with your acupuncture professional, making the frequency of sessions self-evident, according to your wishes and your progress as a client.

Consultation is the key to successful acupuncture sessions

The first session, importantly, should comprise a thorough consultation and then treatment, it’s worth remembering. But swot up first with plenty of homework before you walk through the doors of your friendly, local acupuncture professional.

And make sure you always do your research to choose the best and most reputable – and indeed recommended – acupuncturists who specifically specialise in fertility sessions.

Recommendations regarding the number of sessions required can differ for women who are hoping to conceive via the IVF route. The opinions of your acupuncture professional and doctor are sacrosanct in the end – and should be heeded to the letter every time – so long as you as the client are completely happy with the scenarios.

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Block off those hours for sessions every week

But just so you know what to expect, it’s often suggested that you should have an acupuncture session once or twice a week before, in the three to four weeks preceding, and the week of IVF treatment itself.

The recommended acupuncture for fertility sessions for men differ slightly. But if, for example, it’s part of the build-up to an IVF treatment, men should see their fertility acupuncturist once a week for a minimum of three months before transfer.

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Are acupuncture sessions always an hour long?

That is pretty much the case, yes. There are some which can last as little as half an hour – but we wouldn’t go there.

Make sure you factor in initial consulation time where appropriate, and have no truck with clockwatchers. It’s your cash, after all, and you want to make sure you get your money’s worth.

Expect the tiny, thinner-than-pin-like needles to be working their subtle magic for around 20 minutes of the session. This can, as ever, vary from client to client and once again much determined by need and the nature of the treatment. But if all goes swimmingly, then fully expect sensations of calm and relaxation to kick in soon after.

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How many sessions of acupuncture for fertility do you need?

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  1. Thank you for explaining how many sessions it takes for acupuncture fertility. I am wanting to get fertility acupuncture. It is nice to know how long it will take.

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