7 business ideas for stay at home mums

Business Ideas for Stay-at-Home Mums

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If you have made the choice to stay home and take care of their children, then you may already know there are endless possibilities to make some money on the side. Today, mums can set up and run successful home businesses while taking care of their kids. Here, we suggest some business ideas for stay at home mums:

1. Gardening Business

If you love are a bit of a green-fingers, you can make money off your passion by maintaining an herb garden in your back yard or allotment if you have one. You can choose to plant culinary herbs, medicinal herbs, herbal teas or herbs for aromatherapy and candles. You can either sell your harvest to the local farmer’s market or use them to create products which you can then sell at the market.

2. Selling Online

Today, the Internet has made it possible for people to do business online and in real time. You can take advantage of this opportunity and sell handmade products like jewellery, painting and carvings or buy goods in wholesale and resell them through your eCommerce website. In case you don’t have sufficient space for storage of stock, you can choose to launch a drop shipping business where you will be able to buy goods from a third-party seller and have them ship these goods to your customers. A good way to do drop shipping might be to buy goods from AliExpress and sell them on eBay or on Shopify.

3. Starting a Laundry Business

You can set up your launderette and promote your business by using green machines to offer wash and fold services. You can use a coin-operated washer to allow your customers to operate these machines and have their laundry done. Additionally, green washing machines are a good selling point for those who are keen in conserving the environment. Some people might think this is a tough business to get into, but the truth is it is quite easy – and easy to learn how to manage it remotely. With hiring only a couple of staff for day shift and night shift, you also could be running your own business from home in no time.

4. Childcare Business

As a mum, you definitely have experience managing your own kids. You can use this experience to set up a day care or childminding business. Make sure that you have created a safe environment where parents can drop off their kids and head out to handle their businesses knowing that their kids are safe. Be sure to do the research on training and licenses required to start right.

5. Online Tutoring Services

If you are passionate about teaching formal or informal skills, you can create your courses and sell them through a platform such as Udemy. Alternatively, you can create a portfolio website and market your tutoring services to your potential clients. You can teach foreign languages, music, science, crocheting, shaggy mat making, music or any other skill to your clients.

6. Freelance Writing

If you are passionate about writing, you can join content brokers and become one of the writers on platforms such as Iwriter, Zerys, Blogmutt or Text Broker. Alternatively, you can also set up your own blog and market yourself as a proficient content creator which might just earn you some good clients! You can also become a ghost writer or a resume writer and make a living offering these services either through a freelancing site or as an independent contractor.

7. Virtual Assistant

Today, there is a growing market for virtual assistants as small business owners and entrepreneurs seek to hire assistants on need basis. As a virtual assistant, you will be expected to carry out tasks such as managing social media pages, create a logo, check and respond to emails, schedule appointments and respond to calls. This is an interesting online job that has many rewards.

From the list above, you can see that there are many interesting ways to make some cash for your family without having to go in for a nine-to-five. Why not try one today?

Are you a stay at home mum thinking about setting up your own business? Have you considered any of these business ideas for stay at home mums? Do leave a comment and share.

About author: Riya is a writer who enjoys decorating her home, crafting, trying new recipes. She is also a runner who likes to enjoy the morning breeze. Her Twitter, @sanderriya.


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