Being a parent: 15 things only parents will understand

Being a parent

Remember before you became a parent – you had a rose tinted version of what life with a baby would be like yeah? Well, yes life with a baby does bring all of that cute stuff you see in the movies BUT it also brings with it a WHOLE other world which involves many things only parents will understand about being a parent once you finally get there ESPECIALLY in those first few weeks of baby but of course also wayyy beyond.

So with that said, I’m excited to have teamed up with fellow parent and cartoonist Paul Wood who is the author of a regular humorous cartoon called Babyhood which tells the story of two first time parents bringing up a newborn. And because I’ve been there, and he’s been there, together we bring for your entertainment….

****drumroll please***

Being a parent: 15 things only parents will understand

The joy of changing nappies on solids

Just when you get the hang of changing milk nappies, then the rude awakening of solids comes along and practically blows your brain out of your ears!

being a parent

When your baby thinks it’s time to partayyy! at 3am

You rouse yourself from sleep, your baby sounds distressed! What could it be? Oh hello, someone thinks it’s time for a 3am rave up. Not.Impressed.

being a parent

Finally getting some peace and quiet…or not!

….huzzah! they’re down for their nap, you’ve put your coffee in the microwave for the 10th time that morning when – WRONG! – you are so wrong. In your face peace and quiet!

being a parent

Good to be home?

When Daddy gets back from work and you literally can not wait to hand the baby over….

being a parent

When baby don’t sleep, nobody sleeps!

You have actually forgotten what it feels like to get some sleep and know that baby-induced sleep deprivation ain’t no joke.

being a parent

If you dare to put your phone down for one second

Who knew that metal could be so appetizing!

being a parent

It might be baby’s bedtime, but your baby has other ideas….

You know your baby has absolutely no intention of going to sleep for at least six hours tonight, don’t you! I mean, who are you trying to kid here?

being a parent

When you ignore the signals they might be sick

Sick? Nah, he’s just tired. Definitely not sick….uh oh wait a minute!

being a parent

WTF?! Baby is getting more paparazzi attention that Kim Kardashian

You literally feel like a piece of poo on a stick next to him, but apparently, your baby is seriously hot stuff!

Forgetting how to have a conversation that doesn’t involve poo

Yup, forget all those grand plans and exciting nights out – the only thing you seem to be capable of having a conversation about is the contents of their nappy!

being a parent

When dad makes the greatest plans (but baby has other ideas)

Yes you may think you’re going to have some fun times together daddy but baby’s got other plans!

being a parent

The moment you live to regret that you were their first word

Come on my son! Please just make dadda your first word! Far easier than saying mamma after all. Yup, not so keen are we when it’s screamed at ear piercing levels in the middle of the night are we now?

being a parentRealizing that in the pursuit of blissful peace and quiet you might actually kill

You never had yourself down as a murderersome type, that is until someone threatens to wake up your baby after spending the last three hours getting them to settle….

being a parent

The never ending punishment that is doing the washing

Remember when you did the washing once a week? Oh if only you could have those days back again…

being a parent

And finally, that glorious get out of jail free card on the night shift

When you realise that because it was your turn to get up last night, you get to continue sleeping – yassssss!

being a parent

So were you sat there nodding away at all of these? Yes I bet you were! Because these are the things that truly only parents will know once they become a parent right?

For more parenting truths from babyhood follow the Babyhood Instagrm account here

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Cover picture credit: Designed by Freepik


  1. Haha! I just did the “Happy To Be Home” to my husband (insert crying, smiling emoji) x1000 #coolmumclub

  2. Ha Ha! Brilliant and each one is very true! I particularly felt strongly aboutbthe don’t you dare wake him one! #coolmumclub

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