Best mum shoes: 8 helpful footwear tips for active and busy mums

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If you’re an active and busy mum, then you know that your daily duties often come with a lot of walking, standing, and even chasing kids around. In fact, the mere thought of spending an entire day without having to be on your feet probably seems like a foreign concept or a wishful fantasy. With all of that moving around, you can easily find yourself dealing with various forms of foot discomfort if you’re wearing the wrong kind of shoes or you aren’t taking care of your feet. With that said, in order to lay your hands on the best mum shoes in town, here are eight footwear tips that can help any mum stay more comfortable despite her hectic lifestyle:

1. Opt for Thick Soled Shoes

When it comes to mum shoes, generally, the thicker the soles, the more padding you’ll have to help your feet absorb impact from the ground when you walk. There are plenty of shoe models that can satisfy this requirement, but perhaps the most notable that comes to mind in terms of sole depth would be Balenciaga sneakers. You can check out SSENSE’s range of new Balenciaga releases to get an idea of just how well-cushioned these shoes are. Of course, these aren’t for the mum on a budget, but if you’re ready to get yourself the super sneakers that you deserve for your motherly efforts, they’re certainly a top pick in that regard.

2. Use Gel Inserts

If you always seem to have sore feet no matter what kind of shoes you wear, then you might need some extra reinforcement to cushion your heels and the ball of your foot.  Gel sole inserts are one of the best solutions that can help to keep the bottom of your feet smooth and soreness-free throughout the day.

3. Have Different Shoes for Different Purposes

Wearing the same pair of shoes all the time can contribute to issues like soreness and blisters because your foot begins to wear and tear into the interior of the footwear. Likewise, wearing sneakers all day around your house can have you taking off your shoes at the end of the day with a grimace on your face. Instead, stick to slippers, sandals, toe socks, and other lightweight, leisurely options when you’re at home.

4. Enforce the “No Shoes in the House” Rule

This footwear tip isn’t necessarily just for you, as it’s a habit that the whole family should be practicing to keep your home tidier and more sanitary because it keeps you from dragging dirt, debris, and germs into your home. Have a designated spot by the door where everyone leaves their sneakers and then make it known that only slippers, socks, or bare feet are allowed to make contact with your interior floors.

5. Consider Toe Shoes for Around the House

If you’ve come to the conclusion that you need to wear different shoes inside based on the advice given above, toe shoes are some of the best options in terms of comfort and flexibility. Basically, they’re just a pair of thin soles topped with knitted mesh and left with fitted holes for each of your toes.

6. Recognize Comfort Issues Before They Get Out of Hand

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when it comes to mum shoes is ignoring a footwear comfort issue. Doing this can have you regretting it not just for a single day but often for several days or even more than a week, as blisters, in-grown toenails, and other foot problems often take a while to heal.

7. Choose More Comfortable Socks

The socks you wear can have a huge impact on how comfortable your shoes are during the day and how sore (or not sore) your feet are at night. Likewise, consider the benefits of wearing more than one pair of socks for extra cushioning.  Compression socks for plantar fasciitis can help you ease the pain, likewise, consider the benefits of wearing more than one pair of socks for extra cushioning.

8. Get a Pair of Smart Shoes

Why would you need your shoes to be smart, you ask? Well, with your kids running you wild all day, it will help to have any extra processing power and information you can get your hands (or feet) on, so you might as well get a pair of shoes that’s digitally connected. That way, you can track just how active you actually are. You might just find that you’re not taking as many steps in the day as you thought, and it could prompt you to up your activity even more as part of an exercise regimen. If you’re completely clueless as to what a smart shoe even is, check out this list to see some of the top examples.

Heed All of the Tips Above and Your Feet Will Thank You for It

In closing, if you really assess how little effort is involved in following through on each of the above suggestions to find the perfect mum shoe, you might as well add them all to your weekend to-do list and get your mama footwear game fully up to par.


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