Children and smartphones: How to take it in your stride

Children and smartphones

There are many milestones in a child’s life. From taking their first steps, to their first word, first day at school, first haircut and now a new milestone that utterly terrifies us parents – their first smart device. Let’s face it, when it comes to children and smartphones, allowing your child to possess their own smart phone or tablet and subsequently giving them full access to the internet is a very frightening and worrying prospect! Click here to find out how to keep your kids safe online. 

We hear all sorts of horror stories in connection with children and smartphones – of online predators, online bullies and children racking up thousands of dollars’ worth of app purchases. It really is the stuff of nightmares. However, despite the fact that your child has access to the internet, you can still be in control.

With that said, in the realm of children and smartphones, there are plenty of safety barriers you can put in place to ensure that your child stays safe online and only has access to material that is appropriate for their age. It’s easy for us adults to feel a little daunted by technology, whilst our children seem to pick it up in a heartbeat.

My advice is to familiarise yourself with some safety features and use common sense when navigating the issue of children and smartphones. Unsure of where to begin? This helpful infographic below about children and smartphones is a good place to start.  

I hope you found this information on children and smartphones and keeping them safe in the online world useful. Remember we are all in this together and knowledge is power!


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