Toddlers meals taken care of with Wild Child Kitchen

Out of all the things in parenthood, getting your toddler to eat their toddler meals well has to be one of the most stressful for me.

Planning what to eat, finding the time to prepare it, actually preparing it then the final frontier – getting your picky eater to actually eat it – is enough to turn anyone’s hair grey overnight!

So when I heard about an awesome new venture called Wild Child Kitchen, a food delivery service promising nutritious food for toddlers delivered to straight your door promising big flavours for little foodies I jumped at the chance to give them a whirl.

Their ambition of making mealtimes easier for busy London parents is a noble one, and I wanted to find out whether they did what they said on the tin.

What I loved about Wild Child Kitchen is that it’s not your typical kids menu – their dishes have been developed to inspire an adventurous palate; using colour, texture, smell and taste to get your tot excited about what’s on their plate.

Yeah right! I hear you gaffaw. These are toddlers we are talking about and toddlers are serious fusspots! But let me tell you now, toddlers are a hell of a lot more amenable when it’s not you who cooked it.

This is one seriously well thought out operation – they  cook twice a week from their kitchen in Battersea and blast freeze meals immediately to lock in flavour and nutrients, which also gives you the convenience of stocking up. They then deliver across London on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and if you’re not in, the lovely people will put your order in a cool box that will keep it frozen for several hours. How considerate!

Not to mention the fact that wherever possible their ingredients are organic and sourced in the UK.  No refined sugar and no salt is added to any of their dishes and definitely no nasties.

We tried out:

Chicken, Aubergine & Mango Curry with Brown Rice  **THUMBS UP!**

Lamb & Sultana Meatballs with Quinoa and Roasted Veggie Sauce **THUMBS UP!**
Salmon & Roasted Tomato Gnocchi Bake with Pesto Corn Crumb **THUMBS UP!**
Ratatouille, Borlotti Bean and Pasta Stew **THUMBS UP**
Wild Child Shepherd’s Pie **THUMBS DOWN** but only because my daughter is weird about mash!

All of which cost £4.50 each or a very reasonable £20 for a week.

I swear if I had cooked any of these they would have been thrown back in my face but I had:

a) the pleasure of seeing my daughter eat things I never ever thought she would (huzzah!)

b) the joy of not caring if she didn’t like it because hey! I didn’t make it

c) the smugness of knowing she was eating seriously powered up food

d) the overall feeling that dinner time with a toddler was way less stressful thanks to all of the above

Wild Child Kitchen gets a double thumbs up from me for concept, ease, quality and pricing and the fact that it has the potential to takes some serious edge off mealtimes for busy London mamas everywhere.

**For more information on Wild Child Kitchen, to view their menu or to order visit their website **

*This post is in collaboration with Wild Child Kitchen. All opinions are my own.


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