Comparing life insurance quotes with Save On Life + get up to £200 cashback

Comparing life insurance quotes
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Nobody likes to think about what might happen to their family if or when they kick the bucket, but as parents, life insurance is something we really should force ourselves to think about. But should the worst happen, what will you be leaving behind for your family in terms of mortgage repayments or rent, loss of income and the costs of raising a family and running a home? Perhaps it doesn’t bear thinking about. But then again, neither does the thought of your family’s financial security being whipped out from underneath their feet should the worst case happen. With that thought in mind, surely some time spent comparing life insurance quotes online can only be a good thing?

It may be a grim prospect facing up to your own mortality, but getting older is a fact of life. Until someone discovers the elixir of life that grants us immortality, then putting those worries about “what will happen when” so you can truly enjoy the present is a no brainer in my book.

Introducing Save on Life

I was recently invited to take a look around Save On Life – a life insurance comparison website – to see easy comparing life insurance quotes online could be.

The portal offers life insurance cover from only £5 per month, with a range of terms from three years to your whole life, with fixed monthly premiums and terminal illness included at no extra cost.

Comparing the top UK insurers including Aegon, AIG, LV, Aviva, Legal & General, Vitality, Zurich, Friends Life and Scottish Provident and getting a quick and easy no-obligation cost was extremely quick and simple.

You simply fill in a quick online form about the type of cover you’re looking into…

and how many years you need the cover for….

You then pop in your personal details – the usual name and contact details. All of which takes about a minute or under. Then for an extra minute, you can go on to answer a few more health-related questions which will help you get a more accurate quote.

Within a few seconds, it comes up with a selection of life insurance quotes as per your requirements which you will have defined at the beginning of the process. This includes the monthly price (surprisingly affordable!), additional information, whether it includes a fixed premium and terminal illness cover and most importantly – the likelihood of acceptance.

You can then go on to view each policy in more detail and apply there and then – or walk away with no obligation whatsoever.

I have to say that the whole process was incredibly user-friendly and took under five minutes. It was surprisingly super simple every step of the way.

As this was my first ever experience of comparing life insurance quotes online, I have to say that I was incredibly impressed (and relieved!) at how quick and easy the whole process was. I have to admit, I often tend to shy away from researching policies online because I often think a) I will have no idea what I am doing and b) worry that I will get pressurized into committing to something I’m not sure about.

But having gone through the customer experiences with Save On Life, I felt confident and unpressurized – two major stumbling blocks removed in what can already be a mentally difficult area to look in to.

If you haven’t yet considered life insurance for your family, and think you could benefit from it, I would highly recommend Save On Life as a great place to start. It’s extremely straightforward and has all the information at your fingertips to empower you to make the right decision for you and your family. As an extra incentive, they also offer up to £200 cashback just by taking out a Life Insurance policy.

Have you ever tried comparing life insurance quotes online before? What do you think about the customer journey I shared with you above? Do leave a comment below.



  1. It really is worth comparing life insurance policies. Thanks so much for sharing this info, I have had life insurance since I had my children and it really doesn’t cost that much per month.

  2. We’ve had life insurance since we had kids, and then shopped around for new insurance when we bought our flat. In case anything happens to one of us, the insurance would pay off our mortgage.

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