Spring foodie family fun: 7 foods you can toast on a chiminea

foods you can toast on a chiminea

Spring is here and that means we are no longer subjected to hiding away outdoors and can enjoy the great outside – hurrah! At this time of year, a fab addition to the garden is a chiminea which not only helps to provide some extra warmth whilst we eagerly await warmer temperatures, but also can lead of lots of foodie fun for the whole family.

The great thing about chimineas is that they are really workable in terms of space – making it a nice feature for gardens large (I wish!) or small (yes, that’s us) and a welcomed way to keep warm once the temperatures drops after 5pm without the faff of a roaring fire (which quite frankly, we don’t have the room for anyway!)

We have been lucky enough to get our hands on a lovely little hand made and hand painted clay chiminea from the chimineashop.co.uk and have used it to create a bit of a foodie family ritual – namely toasting all sorts of yummies! Here’s a little peek of our Gardeco Cozumel Chiminea – isn’t it cute?

foods you can toast on a chiminea

It’s been a fab way to get the whole family experimenting with different foods and even eating things our resident picky eater wouldn’t normally try. So here’s some of items you can get experimenting with.

7 foods you can toast on a chiminea

  1. Marshmallows – totally obvious I know, but had to be included on this list. Who needs a campfire when you have a chiminea!?
  2. Apple rings – the perfect healthier choice and utterly yum.
  3. Chocolate – mmmmm melted chocolate need I say more…obviously needs to be the type that is soft enough to get through a skewer. Mars Bar anyone?
  4. Pineapple – as it is or sprinkled with cinnamon and honey…delish!
  5. Sausages/hotdogs – yes really! Bringing a totally new meaning to sausage on a stick.
  6. Cheese – mmmmm melty cheese like a fondue on a stick the ultimate comfort food.
  7. Peppers – another fab healthy option a la vegetable kebab.

Well that’s all we’ve got round to so far but we’ll be experimenting with lots more. Do you have a chiminea in your garden? Have you ever tried toasting any of the above on it and if so, what was your favourite? Do let me know in a comment below.

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*Disclaimer: I received the Gardeco two part clay chiminea from the chimineashop.co.uk  for this post but all opinion are my own. 


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