15 ways mums can empower each other

mums can empower

Let’s face it – being a mum is tough these days. And if there is one thing we can do to help smooth over the pathway for the journey that is motherhood, it’s to become better at empowering each other. So how exactly can we go about doing that? I asked fellow parenting bloggers to come together and give their ideas on how mums can empower each other, so let’s get started:

1. By telling them they’re doing a great job

Something as simple as just reminding them that whatever they might think they are doing a great job which is shown by how much their little one adores them. We give ourselves such a hard time as parents that such simple words do give a boost. – Mummy in a Tutu 

2. By stopping competing

Stop competing with each other. Our children are all different, they’re going to develop differently. If we stop comparing them constantly I think we’ll all feel we’re doing better jobs! – Devon Mama 

3. By being there for each other

Being there for others. I work from home and often get called on in emergencies to look after other people’s children if they have to work late after school or have an appointment somewhere. It gives them a bit of a safety net (and I hope they would then do the same for me). – Yorkshire Wonders 

4. By respecting each other

Respecting everyone’s decisions on how to raise thier own children, even decisions we don’t agree with. – Kerry Shaw Mummy of Four 

5. By being genuine

Being a genuine friend, not nice to their face and then being nasty about the to someone else, help and support each other and agree that everyone parents different but there is no one single way of doing it. –Hex Mum Blog  

15 ways mums can empower each other

6. By being honest

By being honest about the struggles. Sometimes when you’re going through a challenging time, it really helps to hear that you are not alone in those struggles. – Little Hearts Big Love

7. By ignoring a messy home

Agreeing to ignore the mess in each others houses – me and my mum friends have a rule that we dont tidy up just for a visit from each other – we know there aren’t enough hours in the day and Im never going to sit on their sofa, remove a toy from under my butt and check to see if they’ve dusted. We’re there for coffee and company (or wine depending on the time of day!) not to judge! – Better Together Home 

8. By sharing wine love!

Be sure to always share wine offers. I feel this is always a sure way to empower others! – Muma on The Edge 

9. By having sympathy

A little empathy goes a long way but sympathy does too. Even if you’ve never walked in their shoes (maybe they have a non-sleeper and your cherubs slept in their own bed from 6 weeks) it’s empowering them by helping them find a normal for them rather than crowing about your normal. Just because it’s different than you doesn’t mean they’re doing it wrongly. – Baby Foote  

10. By joining forces

Work together, use individual talents to join together and make a great powerful network of mums we can rely on. – Wishes and Wellies 

11. By knowing their name

By calling them by their actual name instead of Mummy. – Dairy of An Unexpectant Mother 

12. By talking to them about something other than parenting

For example, simply saying how’s <insert something not related to parenting> going? We were people before become mums.  – Les Be Mums 

13. By complementing, not critizing

If everyone tried giving a mum a compliment every time they felt a criticism the world would be a better place. For example, a simple ‘you are doing a great job’ or ‘you look so happy’ on a mum’s status or photos can really brighten their day. Sometimes you feel like your hard work as a mother isn’t recognised at all, a bit of peer validation can do wonders on a bad day. – Nomi Palony 

14. By presuming the best

We all have valid reasons and rationale for making choices. Even when others make another choice it’s not to say it’s wrong.  We shouldn’t waste any time worrying others are ‘judging’ us. We’re doing the best we can and if others choose to judge as opposed to understand a different point of view then issue lies with them not us. – Sprog on The Tyne

15. By rising above child conflict

Don’t let any issues between your children come between you as mums – kids at primary school are always falling in and out of friendships but don’t let it effect yours – but do raise any child or friendship issues with other mums when necessary so they can be empowered to deal with it and not left in the dark. – My Boys Club 

What do you think of these suggestions for mums empowering other mums? Would you add anything else to this list? Please do leave a comment and share/

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  1. Such an empowering and important post. After all, only a mum can really understand another mum. She knows how sleepless nights feel, she knows the embarrassment of a public tantrum, she knows the ‘mombun’ and the momguilt. She can relate and therefore is the best person to support another mum.

  2. I was going to comment and say ‘i think number *insert number* is the most important, but the truth is they all are equally vital. Except the wine one, that’s obviously the MOST important one. #coolmumclub

  3. Such a lovely post and so important. The not competing with each other is so important. We’re all doing our best and there’s room for us all and our amazing children who all have different things that make us and them special! #coolmumclub

  4. Stopping competing, and talking about something other than parenting – those are definitely my top two! They are two things that really bother me on a day to day, and I wish we were all better at! great post #coolmumclub

  5. Love this 🙂 I’ve never understood why people are so keen to tear each other down when they could build them up instead. Be kind to each other! #coolmumclub

  6. Ha sharing wine offers – genius! For me the ‘rising above child conflict’ is very relevant as a good friend of mine has a daughter in the same year as my daughter. This school year they were split into different classes for the first time and aren’t always the best of friends anymore but we’re aware that that will always be the case as they grow up through school, college etc. #CoolmumClub

  7. Us mums always need to be there for each other. This list is great and if people help each other by talking and sharing each other’s problems it makes the world a better place.
    I don’t know what I’d do without my friends (mum’s i have met through my children)

  8. This is a fab list with loads of great ideas. My favourite was from Baby Foote – “empower them by helping them find a normal for them rather than crowing about your normal.” – I’ve been on both ends of this (the one who talks about their own normal, and the one who’s searching for reassurance) and I think this is a great piece of advice #coolmumclub

  9. Great supportive post – we are all in this together and should be one big team, no matter how differently we all choose to parent. I would have been a wreck if it hadn’t been for mum friends (and yes, it’s so important not to always talk about kids when we’re together as we all had lives before that). But their support and encouragement has been vital, especially now that all our children are at school and people are starting to venture into a new chapter in their lives, and exploring new options, Love the sharing the wine love! #coolmumclub

  10. Knowing their name is so true, I recently had to write a note to A’s Mummy, handed on via the nursery, to arrange a get together between L and A. So awful not knowing her name and so glad I do now!! #coolmumclub

  11. aww just wonderful! Adore them all and something all mums should read and take on board. Empathy, honesty, true friendship and offers of wine – that’s what I’ll take away from this post – gorgeous xx #CoolMumClub

  12. Yes to not talking about just kids! Sometimes I feel people think that’s all I do! Great post and great to hear what everyone else has to say. #coolmumclub

  13. Totally. I’ve been thinking a lot about respect recently, and the lack of it flying my direction. It was nice to see it on the list, that I’m not the only one that thinks it. x #coolmumclub

  14. SOO much love for this post – I was practically hugging the screen at every point.

    If only we all lived by all of these rules, all the time, the world would be a brighter place!

    #coolmumclub xx

  15. Brilliant post. It’s all about lifting each other up isn’t it. I particularly agree with not criticising and ignoring messy houses x

  16. I love this post!! All so true. Stop competing is such a big one – the moment we all realise it’s not a competition the better life will be. #coolmumclub

  17. Yes! To all of these! Mums Rock. I don’t know where I’d be without the support of all my mama friends on and offline!


    Kat. X

  18. What a lovely post. Parenting is hard in different ways for everyone, we should all be a bit kinder to each other and help to boost others rather than knocking them down. #CoolMumClub

  19. This is a wonderful post. Women are so competative with each other and becoming moms doesn’t help that. It’s unfortunate since motherhood is so difficult and we really need the support from each other. I think we all have the responsibility to learn a new way of being and treating each other the way we would want to be treated. #coolmumclub

  20. Great post! Most of these can be summed up by being kind and sympathetic to each other, but I love the one about talking to each other about something other than parenting. We are more than just mums and it’s important to talk about other things in our lives! #CoolMumClub x

  21. I love this post! And agreed with everyone! With Rory starting nursery I’m quickly becoming Rory’s mum and the fact that no one ever seems to talk to me about anything except babies has grated on me since I was pregnant #coolmumclub

  22. Beings non judgmental is so important! Until you are a parent you have no idea about the choices you are going to have to make and fail at sometimes. Having parent friends who have your back no matter what predicament you are in is so wonderful xx #coolmumclub

  23. Great post. It’s so important to lift each other up not drag each other down, life is hard enough. That’s what I love about this blogging community, everyone is so empowering and supportive x

  24. I think you’ve totally covered it! I think it’s so important to be non-judgmental and realise that eery child is very different and there’s no one way to parent. We all try our best and we all make mistakes sometimes. Fab post x #coolmumclub

  25. There are some really fab and poignant thoughts here. Being genuine, not judging and realising that we all parent differently are ones that resonate with me and ones which I hope I have adhered to so far. #coolmumclub

  26. Yes to all of this! The talking about non parenty things is a big one for me and not judging each other and just accepting we all bring our children up differently. This post was chosen as someone’s #BlogCrush this week..congrats x

  27. Aw great post – yes to sharing wine! And I agree a nice comment every now and again to help someone realise they’re doing a good job goes a long way. So sorry late commenting this week! #coolmumclub

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