Why do I freak out when my baby cries?

baby cries

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It is natural for new parents to get worried when their baby cries. You might be worrying that you have done something wrong, or even that your baby doesn’t like you. Freaking out is a natural response to your baby’s cries – it means you are concerned and have to take action. It would be more worrying if parents didn’t freak out when their baby cried, and rather just sat by and watched! Here, we will discuss some of the common reasons why new parents get overly anxious when they hear their infant’s cries.

Postpartum Anxiety 

This is a really common reason for a new mom to become worried about hearing her baby cry. Unlike postnatal depression which shows as signs of being disinterested and disconnected from the new baby, postpartum anxiety disorder causes mom to worry unreasonably about her newborn. It’s important to get help if you think you are suffering from this disorder, as it can also involve physical symptoms which can cause problems if left to go on for too long. Symptoms include changes to eating and sleeping habits, nausea and a rapid heartbeat and dizziness.

Difficult Birth 

If there was any trauma during the labor and birthing process, the new mother can be prone to reacting more strongly to their baby’s cries. The mother’s instinct can kick in stronger than those who have had a smooth labor, as there has been the underlying thought that something bad is going to happen to the baby or the mother herself.

Hormonal Changes

After giving birth, there are so many hormonal changes in a woman’s body. This can cause us to react to a stimulus such as our baby crying differently than we would have before the birth. The areas of the brain which control feelings of empathy and anxiety go into overdrive after giving birth, which causes new moms to feel protective and worried when they hear their baby cry.

The Possibility of SIDS 

This is a very real worry for almost all parents. You might find yourself unable to leave your sleeping baby alone due to worrying about the possibility of SIDS. There are many precautions you can take against SIDS – if you are doing everything you reasonably can to prevent it, you might feel some peace of mind. There are baby monitors available which feature a pad which goes under the baby’s mattress to detect movement. The monitor will sound an alarm if there is no movement for a short period, and it is even sensitive enough to detect breathing movements. This can offer real reassurance to parents who worry a lot when their baby is sleeping, and should help you get more sleep at night too!

Sadness or Guilt 

Many parents feel sad when they hear their baby wailing in what appears to be pain. It’s important to learn not to feel guilty when your baby cries – especially if you know they are fed, clean and comfortable. It’s natural to feel sad when your baby is crying but if you have done all you can to make them feel better, give them a cuddle to make them feel safe and secure.

It’s important to remember that whilst it can be difficult and worrying to listen to your baby crying, they will grow out of it soon. As you and your newborn get to know each other better, you will learn what her different types of cry mean, and be able to respond to them faster. It’s natural to worry about your newborn, and you should start to become more relaxed as she grows.

Why do I freak out when my baby cries_

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  1. It’s scary becoming a mummy its always what ifs. Worrying about everything.
    I’m expecting my surprise bundle number 5 and I’m still a nervous wreck lol. But I know if I just breath and take one step at a time everything will go fine. If I know I’ve done everything then I know baby just wants extra cuddles and a bit of a bounce tap on the bum for soothing does the trick. Just keep calm and go with the flow x

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