Essential steps to having a great garden – what you need to do now

having a great garden

As I look outside now, my garden is looking pretty sad. Sure things are definitely growing back, and there are definite signs of life, but it definitely looks as though it has seen better days. Now that the weather is a little milder, it’s time to get out there and give the garden some love. If your garden looks like it could do with a bit of TLC, then here’s some essentials steps to having a great garden which you can get busy with this Spring:

Clear up your flower beds and borders

If your flower beds and borders are anything like mine, they have probably collected a world of debris over the winter months, especially with all the crazy wind we have been having. Remove any leaves, moss, weeds and anything else that shouldn’t be there, and cut off any dead growth among the shrubs and any trees you might have. You might also like to top up soil if it has gotten into a bad way over winter to help prepare your beds for growing.

Get planting

You know what they say, you reap what you sow! Spring is the time to plant summer bulbs which will leave your garden bursting with colour in a few months time. If you’re not much of a bulb planter, why not try scattering some wild flower butterfly and bee mix instead which is a great way of encouraging butterflies into your garden as well as bees. Believe it or not you can also sow sunflower seeds outdoors from now. If you’re looking to do some planting with your children here are some foolproof plants you can grow with them.

Give your lawn some love

Our lawn has turned into a proper mud bath over the winter months….truth be told there is not much lawn left! Now is the time to try and reboot your lawn which is top on our list of priorities. So whether that’s sowing new grass seed, putting some new turf down or perhaps if you’re looking for something more low maintenance installing some fake grass, this is the time to put your stick in the sand so you can enjoy a decent lawn over the Spring and Summer months.

Get your vegetable patch in order

If you’ve been getting very excited about the prospect of growing vegetables again – as we have – then now is the perfect time to start prepping your vegetable patch. Again make sure it is free from any weeds and it well fertilised. Check out this list of vegetables you can sow now.

Get deadheading

Once any early flowering bulbs like daffodils and tulips have had their time, don’t forget to deadhead them to help them be more efficient in their growth for next time around.

Fix anything that needs fixing

Over the Winter with all the winds you may have had some casualties in the garden in the form of fences, trellis and the like. Fix any broken structures and don’t forget to treat them to help preserve them for the rest of the year if you can so they don’t keep niggling at you throughout the year.

Follow these easy steps to having a great garden this year and I promise all with follow! And if you’re looking to get the littles involve in some gardening check out this post on garden activities for children.

Consider upgrading your hard landscaping

Does your patio need a lot more than just a good old jet wash? Unfortunately, patios do have a tendency to crack. You can repair an old cracked patio, but if it’s beyond hope, the alternative is to have a new patio put in. There are so many different patio surfaces to choose from whether it be crazy paving, a cobbled effect, old bricks or decking. We replaced our whole patio recently and can say first hand it was definitely worth the investment.

Essential tips for having a great garden

Are you using this time to get your garden ready to be enjoyed by your family? What else would you recommend doing at this time of year? Do leave a comment and share.

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