How to have a stress-free holiday when you are a mum

stress-free holiday

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As a mother of two, I learned everything from my personal mistakes with Luca and Angela. Having a boy and a girl is what I always wanted, but different characters and temperaments can be overwhelming. I used to do everything when we go on vacations.

My husband helped of course, but I wanted for at least one of us to relax and enjoy the trip. Therefore, I did everything. From preparing healthy meals to keeping them entertained. Moreover, this is where I made a terrible mistake. It took me a while until I figured out that I didn’t get any rest on our travels. That is when I decided to change our holidays a bit so they would be perfect for everyone.

Aqua parks

If your kids like water, then aqua parks are a perfect destination to spend the day. With water slides and other entertainments, you and your children will have fun together. Stay in your bathing suits whole day and enjoy some of the programs.

Some aqua parks even offer day-care programs. You can leave your children with park’s personnel in the specially designed area for them. There they can have fun with other children and enjoy appropriate attractions. At the same time, you can have fun with your partner and friends for a while. It’s a win-win situation, really.

Take them to the zoo

Animals fascinate everyone, but they are especially interesting to children. Since many of the animals, they saw in the cartoons or movies, of course, they would be excited to visit a zoo. However, prepare to spend several hours there since there are many sections to cover.

You can go on the scheduled tours or even better simply walk hand-in-hand with your children and enjoy the menagerie. The animals will fascinate children, as will you, so this is something that will help you discover the child inside of you. I used these occasions to tell them more about the planet and environment and I hope this will make them a carrying and better people in the future.

Traveling with children

When you travel with children to another place, domestic or abroad, you have to make a strategy. They will easily get bored and thus become agitated. In order to keep them calm, play a game with them or sing together. You can also bring a tablet with you and play them a movie or a cartoon.

Pack snacks and drinks for the road, but make sure you know where the breaks are if you travel by car. There is another plus side when traveling by car, and that’s camping. You can decide to go the long way and stop by the campsite. Kids will enjoy some time in nature and sleeping under the stars.

International destinations

There may be international destinations that will seem fun for you and the children. If you’re a Harry Potter fan, look for the places where you can all have some magical time. Disneyland is another option, of course, and it will surely entertain you all. If you didn’t have a chance to visit any of the Disneyland parks, having children will make your dreams come true.

Visit New York, Paris, Barcelona and all the cities you always wanted to see and take your kids with you. Teach them about different cultures and traditions, and share with them a joy of travelling. Before you go, talk to them about the destination and show them pictures of the most interesting things to see. That will peak their interests even more and help you keep them enthused for the trip.

Go on tours

Choose guided tours appropriate for children based on the program, tempo and entertainment they offer. Kids get bored easily and immediately start asking a lot of questions or demanding something else. You can choose a guided tour based on your child’s interest.

For example, if they are interested in dinosaurs, find tours that will teach them more about these creatures. Guides are prepared to talk to children and keep them occupied so you will have a time off. Additionally, they will meet other children there and hang out with them while you can talk to other grown-ups or simply enjoy some time alone.


Don’t underestimate your children. My first mistake was that I presumed they will be bored or disinterested and so I took an effort to keep them occupied. It tired me and they felt as though I expect too much of them.

How to have a stress-free holiday when you are a mum

Relax, enjoy the time with your children. Every age has something amazing to show you, so don’t miss it by being overly worried. The moment you start having fun, so will they. Then a big adventure can start.

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  1. one of our hotel criteria when looking at hotels is the hotel has to offer a good kids club. our last hotel has a lovely club and doesn’t let the kids leave without us going to get them

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