Getting smart about reducing household waste

reducing household waste

Do you ever feel like you’re battling a never-ending tide of waste in your house? Does it feel like your bins are filling up way too quickly? With many landfill sites now at bursting point, it’s well overdue that we all did our bit to help deal with the monumental challenge of waste and how we can reduce it. It’s often the small actions that count, so today I’ve been asked by  as part of their Taste Without Waste campaign to share how we go about reducing household waste:

Say no to plastic

Take reusable bags, bottles and coffee cups with you everywhere so you never have to use a plastic bag, buy a plastic water bottle or use a throw-away coffee cup which will end up in a landfill.

Buy in bulk

Buy food in larger quantities and freeze it – keeping food in the freezer not only means less food waste as you’re not having to deal with food that has become in-edible in the fridge but also means overtime you are throwing away less packaging because you are not going through lots of smaller packets.

Cook from scratch

Try to cook from scratch as much as possible – the closer any food you buy gets closer to ready-made or processed the more packaging it is likely to use! Here are some healthy family dinner ideas to get you started.

Wash and re-use

Wash and re-use ziplock bags rather than throwing them away after a single use.

Repair and upcycle

We are so quick to throw away in this modern age but there is a YouTube video to repair pretty much anything and you should give it a good go first! Failing that, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure so put out what you don’t want on the street with a friendly note saying someone can take it – everything we have ever put out on the street has always gone!

Use food scraps

Whilst a vegetable might look sad and bit manky in the fridge, the best use for anything that looks like it’s seen better days in your fridge is to make it into a massive soup. There is always a way to rehash leftovers….so keep everything and see it as a challenge as to what amazing meals you can make your leftovers into!

Buy items built to last

While it can be tempting to buy something cheaper made of plastic, instead seek our products that are built to last. Shift your mindset from thinking about making a short-term saving, to making a longer-term investment. Buying products for life is not just an eco-friendly way of doing things but will also save you money in the long run because you won’t have to keep replacing them.

Ignore best before dates

I simply can’t believe that people live by best before dates like they are the bible! Seriously, best before dates are just a guideline and many foods are absolutely fine to eat well after the best before date.

For more on the Taste Without Waste campaign, take a look at the below infographic:

reducing household waste

Is reducing household waste a concern for you? Do you want to lead by example in order to teach your children about sustainability. What steps do you take at home? Do share in a comment below. And If you enjoyed this post you might like this one about raising earth loving kids.

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