A week of healthy family dinner ideas

healthy family dinner ideas

Do you stress over what to cook over dinner? I know as a brain befuddled mum, sometimes I need some serious injection of inspiration….it’s like we all need to have a massive recipe swap!

So for those time when you literally have not a clue what to cook for dinner, I’m going to start sharing these round ups of my favourite  family dinner ideas – enough to see you though a whole week (yup, I’ve done all the searching and testing, so you don’t need to – hurrah!).

So without further ado, let’s get down to business…

family dinner ideas


Slow cooker lamb

This is the most amazingly minimal effort dinner which tastes absolutely divine. Just bung the lamb in with the rest of the ingredients in the morning and let it do its thing until the evening, and then serve with mash potato and veggies – hurrah!

See the recipe here on the All Recipes website.


Easy oven roasted sausage ratatouille

This one is so quick to put together – you can literally get it ready to put it into the oven in 10 minutes. If you’ve got fussy eaters then a good trick with this is when it’s ready to move the sausages aside and blitz the sauce with a hand blender. Serve up with some sweet potato wedges!

See the recipe here on the Waitrose website 

healthy family dinner ideas

Picture courtesy of Waitrose


Teriyaki salmon noodles

Kids love noodles and this is a really accessible way of bringing a little bit of Asian flavour to your family table. It’s also super quick to make!

See the recipe here on the Tesco Food website


Hidden veggie meatballs

Meatballs….mwah ha ha! My cunning partner in crime in being able to cram a whole load of veggies into dinner without anyone suspecting. Serve up with some tagliatelle and home made tomato sauce (I love Annabel Karamel’s Vegetable Sauce here for some extra veg goodness). I mean, how else are we going to get them to eat courgette?

See the recipe here on the BBC Food website 


Fruity chicken curry

It’s no mean feat trying to get the littles to eat curry, but this amazingly tasty chicken curry will have them licking their plates clean….promise!

See the recipe here on the Annabel Karmel website

healthy family dinner ideas

Picture courtesy of Annabel Karmel


Slow cooker beef tagine

If you’re anything like us, then you are mostly out and about all day Saturday and the last thing you feel like doing when you come back is cooking and so once again, thank goodness for the slow cooker. I I adapt this recipe by putting all the ingredients on low for seven hours in a slow cooker and the results when you get back at the end of the day are scrumptious! All you need to do is put on some rice when you get back and enjoy the declicousness of it all.

See the recipe here on the Jamie Oliver website 


Cheesy chicken and rice casserole

There’s nothing that screams comfort food like a casserole and I loving popping everything in an oven dish and letting the oven do the rest of the work…which is exactly what is involved in this yummy recipe!

See the recipe here on the Campbells website

healthy family dinner ideas

Picture courtesy of Campbells 

Well I hope that’s given you a little family meal inspo for this week and a little less brain ache wondering what on earth to make for your brood. Let me know which of the recipes you like the sound of the best, and how you get on! And in the meantime, stay tuned for the next round up.

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    • Oh yes sorry I should have said! I basically take all the ingredients and bung them in a slow cooker on low for seven hours – scrumptious! Have just updated the entry to reflect that. It really is very yummy x

  1. A great selection of recipes. I love anything that can be made in one pan or the slow cooker. I never seem to have enough time when it comes to cooking.

  2. I put all the veggies in the slow cooker with the lamb too so then you just need the potatoes. If you do jackets you can just put them in the oven and forget about them too

  3. Sounds like a great week for fabulous food! Both my folks don’t get back from work until 6pm so don’t have time during the week for slow cooker dinners. But would like to pre-cook and serve up these dishes! The curry sounds yummy!

  4. This confirms it, I really need to buy a slow cooker. I blame you for any overspending this may lead to! Haha!
    I love some of these ideas. It really is so tricky to keep thinking of new recipes to try. Bizarrely though my little one LOVES courgette (especially courgetti) and curry. Go figure! #CoolMumClub

  5. I’ve been thinking about getting a slow cooker, the recipes always sound delicious. I like the idea of using it for a tagine. Great inspiration for next week! #CoolMumClub

  6. I’m tempted to give the salmon recipe a go. I love salmon. Sadly my husband isn’t too keen on it but I can occasionally get him to eat it. Maybe this recipe will turn him around? I can dream. #coolmumclub

  7. I love this…us Mums will light up when offered easy healthy midweek meal ideas! I recognise a few of my trusty faves here but will definitely try some of the new ones too – slow cooker lamb? Sounds epic!

    Thanks for being the #coolmumclub co-host with the most – you couldn’t pop over and knock these up for me too could ya? 😉


  8. The fruity chicken curry looks delicious! Will be adding that one to our weekly meal plan 🙂 Thanks for hosting #coolmumclub!!! If you need a good desert to top off the week, check out my recipe for chocolate quinoa cake (on my blog)!!!

  9. Some great ideas here. I love meatballs but usually but mine pre-made because I’m lazy! Definitely going to give these a try though because they sound yummy! #coolmumclub

  10. I am loving the slow cooker recipes – ooh and the casserole sounds nice too! Anything topped with cheese is a winner for my tribe. I love Annabel Karmel for a few stealth veggies too haha. Thanks for these Talya! Xx #coolmumclub

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