A week of healthy family dinner ideas #2

healthy family dinner ideas

Well hello there! I’m back again with some more receipe selections to take the argh! what do I cook for dinner!??? out of dinner time.

What’s that I hear? The sound of rumbling tummies? Well then, let’s not delay this any further then….

family dinner ideas


Cranberry roast chicken and sweet potatoes

This dish is so quick and tasty and has a lovely short ingredient list meaning you can get it ready in 10 minutes or under. And because it includes the sweet potatoes, you can literally serve it with a side of peas and ta-dah!

See the recipe here on the Ocean Spray website 


Oven baked cod with pesto crust

I am a huge pesto lover, mainly for the fact that it can turn any dish from hero to zero in an instant. It’s also a fab way of jazzing up a fish dish, much like this one. Serve with a side of sweet potato and butternut squash mash – delish – and for a family size serving simply double the quantities stated.

See the recipe here on the Sacla website 

family dinner ideas

Image courtesy of Sacla 


Simple paella

For some reason, paella conjures up images of someone slaving over a massive paella pan for hours but actually it can be a really fuss free family meal to make. For fussy eaters,  with this recipe you can either take out the prawns entirely, or swap with a more kiddy acceptable substitute like salmon or cod.

See the recipe on the Co-Op Dinner for Tonight website

family dinner ideas

Picture courtesy of Co-op Food 


Deluxe turkey burger

Turkey often gets overlooked other than Christmas but is well worth including in your weekly shop as it’s cost effective and a really healthy meat to consume. And yes – it can tend to get drive so one of the best ways to deliver turkey is in juicy burger form for a perfect mid week treat.

See the recipe on the Sainsbury’s website here 


Barbecue chicken

Prepare to lick your lips for a quick and delicious Friday treat…super easy to make, moist and full of lip smacking deliciousness, it can only be barbecue chicken. Serve with some home made sweet potato wedges and corn on the cob to top off that Southern-style feel.

See the recipe on the Annabel Karmel website 

family dinner ideas

Image courtesy of Annabel Karmel


Slow cooker lasagna

Yes it’s the weekend again and it’s time to bust out the slow cooker. Getting this ready on a Saturday morning and letting the slow cooker do the rest of the work when you’re home in time for tea – you’ll be thanking your slow cooker forever!

See the recipe here on the Crock-Pot UK website


Chicken & potato fricassee

Another quick dish to knock up and one that tastes like you’ve put a lot more work into it than you actually did thanks to the creaminess of it all! The perfect Sunday comfort dish.

See the recipe on the Love potatoes website here 

Oh and if you missed the last round up you might want to pop over to my last family dinner post.

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  1. I am so fussy and as a result we usually stick to the same dinners ALL the time. I was so pleased when I read this post! Finally a dish that I’ve never cooked before that I think I would like! Chicken & potato fricassee is now on my meal plan for next week. Thank you! xxx

  2. You’ve given me inspiration here. I’m stuck in a bit of a rut as far as meals go, and I’m very bored with it. These are lovely ideas, thank you.

  3. I think I might try the Oven baked cod with pesto crust today. I booked marked this because I’m genuinely always on google searching things like “What to make for dinner healthy”.

  4. We are terrible for having the same meals on the same nights every week, I really need to mix it up. I do fancy the Cranberry roast chicken and sweet potatoes

  5. Love, love, love paella! I used to have the most amazing paella pan but it gave up the ghost when a handle fell off. We make it in a wok now. Apparently paella was originally made with rabbit – who knew? x #coolmumclub

  6. Hmmm…some great inspo here! Pinned to the #coolmumclub cooks board for later referral! Nice one lovely – can you pop over and whip it up for me too? 😉


  7. Some mouth water recipes here. It’s always so hard planning and preparing healthy meals during the week. I often just stick to the same meals every week (It’s just so much easier). This is a great plan to use, will definitely try to use it.

  8. Loads of great healthy ideas here. So tired of eating the same thing all the time so I’ll definitely be pinning this and trying some out xx #coolmumclub

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