15 mum hacks to make your life easier

mum hacks

Let’s face it, in this crazy world of being a mum, any help we can get to make our days less arghhhhh and more ohmmmmm are massively welcome. So I decided to have a whip round fab fellow parenting bloggers to share their prized mum hacks so I could pass them on to you with the hope that will help take the mama edge off a little bit….

1. Baby wipes are your best friend!

Baby wipes clean EVERYTHING so always have a pack in the house! – Twinderelmo

2. Keeping a second changing bag in the car

Albeit it’s a plastic bag, but make sure it has everything you need in the event you forget something, or don’t have time to repack yours before leaving the house! -Life With Boys

3. And a box of everything else in there too

I keep a box in my car which has an entire change of clothes, a few nappies, wipes, wellies, bucket and space and talc. Also spare socks for me! This way, I’m never caught out and if we go out for the day. If we want to go to the beach, we can. Softplay, we have socks. Puddle jumping? No problem. (Also, tip within a tip, the talc is for sand. It gets wet sand of feet really quickly and easily) -Porridge and Parenting

4. Give the kids their own backpacks

Both of my children have their own backpack which they love wearing. So on days out I pack all their requirements in there. Whether it is food or nappies. Obviously don’t make it too heavy. But it makes it easier for me as I then carry less and I know that each child has what they need in their own bag. – Nature Mum Blog

5. Ball pools aren’t just for soft play!

Got a crawler on the move but you need to get something done? Even if it’s 5 minutes putting the shopping away or folding laundry. Get a cheap inflatable pool, supermarkets usually do a small £3 and pop them in with some toys. So much peace of mind knowing they can’t get up to mischief, and also really useful for summer time.  – Babies and Beauty 

6. Toy power!

Keep a hidden box of toys (just ones they haven’t played with for a while) and swap out the toys when they’re getting bored with the first lot. It’s amazing how well they react to something they haven’t seen for a while and it can keep them busy for ages! – Country Heart and Home

7. Coloured coat hangers are a game changer

Coloured coat hangers changed my life! With so many in school uniform and some of them quite similar in size, I have assigned each one a colour, it means I can go in and collect an entire set of school uniform for the correct child, without giving the boy a frilly polo shirt! – Hex Mum Blog 

mum hacks

8. Become a laundry basket master

We have five baskets to sort clothes straight from the dryer, one for me and my partner and one for each of the children. It means we never have to sort out the huge mountain of clothes afterwards. Takes two minutes to do but saves so much time afterwards! – Five Little Doves 

9. Strike while the washing’s….wet!

We don’t have a tumble dryer as I found ironing clothes once tumbled was a pain in the derriere … so instead I iron clothes straight out of the washing machine. Yes, while they they are wet. I then hang them, half folded, neatly, on the clothes airers in the spare room and put them away in the drawers a couple of days later. SO much easier ironing wet clothes – it would feel odd doing it any other way now! – Kidz Cruises 

10. Laugh in the face of stains

Vanish powder half a scoop mixed in a sink of warm water – swirl hands in it to remove food colouring, Felt tip Pens, paints etc dead quick and easy. No scrubbing. Takes seconds and is really gentle on little hands too. Just remember to rinse afterwards. – The DRM Project

11. Surviving rainy days

For indoor days I have storage baskets and boxes that I get out filled with activities, such as a bird watching kit with binoculars and books and activity books, another will have sticker books and colouring in and another with toys and mini tea sets so when boredom strikes in our household we have certain emergency playboxes to keep my daughter occupied. – Witts In The Wild

12. Make the week’s sandwiches on a Sunday

On a Sunday make all the sandwiches for packed lunch for the week. Wrap them and freeze them. (Yes you can freeze most sandwich fillings, including cheese). Pull as many as you need out of the freezer each day and it will be defrosted by lunchtime. Avoids the ‘oh god the bread is mouldy’ issue on a Thursday. – Baby Foote 

13. Start a bullet journal

Start a bullet journal and honestly it is life changing –  you can now keep track of all of our important dates and all of your to do lists in one place, and feel so much more organised!”- Play Learn Every Day  

14. Make dried up wipes a thing of the past

Whenever you’ve finished with a packet of wet wipes turn leave them upside down – it stops them from drying out! I’ve thrown so many packs away where they’ve not sealed properly and they’ve dried! – Mama Wilkos

15. Put an end to shoe stress

Save stress in morning and help kids put shoes on the right feet get A sticker cut it in half, one half in each shoe. Et voilà….right feet every time and keeps your sanity in check every morning before school too!   – 3 Princesses and 1 Dude

Did you learn something new with these hacks? Do you have any mum hacks to share? If so please do add to this list with a comment below!

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  1. People still think it’s a bit strange that I do the clothes washing/ironing differently to them! I just think that the whole washing, pegging out, drying THEN ironing draws the process out so much it’s never ending. But wash, then iron and hang up nearly on airers in the spare room means I can start/finish the whole week’s washing in a single evening

  2. I need to employ some of these other hacks! I think the sticker in the shoes would really help, though the first step towards avoiding this little annoyance each morning is my son actually trying to put his shoes on. I mean, his little brother does it without complaining (and correctly). Maybe a LEGO Batman sticker is in order…

    Thank you for including mine 🙂

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