A tribute to this & all Dads this Father’s Day


Dads don’t often get a mention on this blog…not surprisingly given the title eh? But this Father’s Day, the toddler tantrums and mummy moaning are out the window for a special poem to celebrate Dads this Father’s Day, and in particular our Daddy in residence. If it’s too pukey for you, then of course you can find some more bitch slapping content elsewhere on the blog ┬ábut if you’re in the mood for something a little more heartfelt honouring the Daddys out there, well this one’s for you….

A Father’s Day Poem for Daddy

I know I sometimes shun you

In favour of the one I call mum

But this Father’s Day I want to tell you

That you’re really number one

The way you fling me round and round

When you come back from work for the day

The way you go down with me on every slide

So safely I can play

The way you read the same book on repeat

Before every breakfast time

Yes I’ll have you know all of these things

Make me so glad that you’re mine

Your crazy bathtime antics

Your bedtime kisses through the bannisters

Your love is seemingly endless

You lovely cuddly bear

So this Father’s Day I want you to know

That you are my special man

With whom I can’t wait to grow up with

Because I’m your number one fan
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