A happy and healthy home: The places we forget to clean!

places we forget to clean

We know what it’s like – rushing around after the kids, cleaning, cooking, walking the dog, doing the school run twice a day, heading to the shops, making dinner – the list of your daily tasks is endless! But busy households – listen up!

You may think that you’re home cleaning is pretty thorough. But did you know that there’s a list of common places that we always forget to clean? Yup we’re all busy – but once you’ve got the knowledge, chances are you won’t forget these areas again!

Your skirting boards

Yep, that’s right. That little strip of wood that runs around the floor of your room? It gets just as dirty as the rest of the house! Your fully finished skirting board needs to be cleaned regularly. After all, it collects just as much dust and grime as a bookshelf does! Not to mention the pets laid up against them or the kids kicking off their dirty shoes at the wall… so next time you’ve got the mop or a duster out, give them a quick wipe!

Your dirty doormat

A hallway is the first port of call for people coming into the house, which means a lot of outdoor shoes bringing bacteria in…doormats and rugs tend to get moved around when we vacuum but aren’t necessarily cleaned themselves!

A doormat is the first line of defence at preventing bacteria from entering your home so give it a regular brush down or clean – or better still, replace it every couple of months!

Your remote control

When you clean, it’s often the things that blend into the background that are forgotten. Yes, you may clean spills off the floor, or dust from your TV, but what about the smaller things you use everyday? The remote control can harbour as much bacteria as a toilet seat so get out those anti-bacterial wipes and give it a good scrub.

Your light switches and door knobs

It may sound silly to clean your light switches. But think about it… how many times a day are they touched? You, your family or roommates touch them every day, every guest touches them at least a few times while at your home. Yet, most people sanitise the doorknobs and light switches only during a full deep clean of the house. To avoid spreading bacteria, wipe the doorknobs as often as possible with an antibacterial wipe of spray.

Children’s bath toys

Damp, warm bathrooms can be a breeding ground for bacteria and there are areas we often forget. This includes shower heads, towel rails, children’s bath time toys and toothbrush holders. So make sure that these aren’t left to fester in water after bath time and maybe invest in some child friendly cleaning solutions!

Your cleaning equipment!

You need to clean and replace your cleaning equipment too! It’s not exactly the most glamorous shopping list but kitchen sponges, mops, vacuum bags and dusters all need to be cleaned in disinfectant and hot water and replaced regularly.

I don’t know about you but I’m certainly going to be a lot more targeted in my cleaning from now on. Hmmmm….does that mean we can forget about the rest?!!!

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  1. Wow, the amount of places I actually forget to clean. I don’t remember the last time I cleaned a doorknob or light switch, and it sickens me to think that. Thanks for the heads up!

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