Mum’s birthday presents: how presents change after becoming a mum

Mum's birthday presents

It’s just been my birthday, and by golly how birthdays are an almighty reminder of just how much your life changes once you become a mum.

Back in the day before you entered this glorious mama life (aherm!), you might expect that gorgeous delicate necklace you had been ogling in THAT jewellery shop week in week out, beautifully presented in the most outlandish gift wrap alongside a lovingly delivered breakfast in bed.

Fast forward to life as a mum. To receive something like that would be utter folly, quite simply because a) you would literally have no occasion to wear it…too much for the school run? yes, me thinks so! or b) it would get yanked, broken or lost within five minutes of it gracing your being. And don’t even get me started on the manner of delivery! More likely to be bashed over the head with said present sometime long before the sun has even made an appearance.

As a mum you are far more likely to receive a pasta necklace lovingly made by little snotty hands and a random crusty leaf picked up from the gutter, and if you’re lucky…you know, REALLY lucky…at a trip to the garden centre on your birthday your little loved ones might opt to choose you a stylish present in the form of the latest snazzy washing up brush on the market. You subtly (read: pick it up and say how about this?) try to influence them to buy you a “Love You To The Moon and Back” mug because quite frankly, having a fourth washing up brush bought for you for your birthday is a sad old state of affairs, despite the fact your cupboards are already bursting with a bajillion mugs.

By this point, you would do anything just to have someone…anyone….turn up on your birthday doorstep with a bunch of flowers or anything from this popular gifts through the ages list courtesy of Flying Flowers. Hmmmm….now all I need to ask for is the gift of time travel so I can side-step another washing up brush next year!

Well I don’t know about you but I’d quite to travel back to the 1920s for a bit of birthday present glamour, because goodness knows this mama could do with some right about now! Which era appeals to you the most for birthday gifts?

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