9 places to hide your Christmas presents + #WIN

hide your Christmas presents

It’s getting closer to Christmas now and the question on everybody’s lips once they’ve finally nailed the Christmas shopping is…when the heck are we going to hide your Christmas presents???!

In the weeks running up to Christmas children far across the land will be rifling through every corner of the house in order to snuffle out those presents….ho ho ho Yule never find them….ho ho ho….yes we will!

Well actually, they probably will if these are the hiding places your using…so let’s make sure we have some good excuses up our sleeves for when they do! With that said, here are some suggestions of where to hide your Christmas presents this year plus there’s a lovely chance to win four personalised Letterpress Christmas Sacks from Harrow and Green below!

In wardrobes and cupboards

Unsurprisingly, a common spot to hide your Christmas presents tends to be wardrobes and cupboards. Whether it’s in the bedroom, the pantry or the utility room, stuffing presents and covering them up with our clothes is a no brainer for obvious reasons.

In attics and basements

But for some, cupboards just don’t cut it….and that’s where the attic comes in…probably because it’s a difficult to reach spot in the house, especially for children.  A firm fave hiding spot of mine too – shhhh just don’t tell the little missy! Instead of going up, you can also try going down –  because nobody wants to go refiling around a spooky basement now fo they?

At the relatives

But if you’re feeling particularly cunning with your mission to hide your Christmas presents you could also go even further afield by stashing your Christmas bounty over at a relative’s house, most likely at their poor unsuspecting grandparents…you lucky old things you!

Under beds

And for those who really can’t be bothered to put much effort into hiding your Christmas presents (yes, I’m looking at YOU!), there’s the good old bedroom, more specifically under the bed. Because who would ever think to look there? Aherm…..

In suitcases and holdalls

The perfect decoy which are usually stuffed away somewhere inaccessible until holiday time (at least in my house!). Don’t forget to lock for extra hands-offness. Obviously if you’re going away for Christmas then that could be a tad problematic!

9 places to hide your children's Christmas presents #Christmas #Christmastips

In the drawer of doom

Yes, we all have one – the drawer of oh my god what on earth is that crap anyway?! A drawer of doom could be your old eletronics drawer, or yes – even your underwear drawer which your children would surely never want to ever be caught rifling in.

In the washing basket

Under piles of dirty laundry – perfect! nobody will ever find them beause we all know that nobody can remember the last time they saw the bottom of the washing basket, or even if it has one.

In the shed

Even secret agents would be impressed with your hiding skills here. Because once it’s Winter time, nobody goes into the shed unless their life depends on it….unless they want to be faced with a load of shedded spider exoskeletons.

At work

his one highly depends on where you work and how much space there is. But if you’re lucky you might just have a desk with one of those really big drawers which is currently empty. Or a rather handy storecupboard which could do the trick. Just don’t let your colleagues catch on.

So now that the not-so-secret is out, where are you tempted to hide your Christmas presents this year? Do share in a comment below.


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  1. We are living in a small apartment at the moment so hiding them has been nearly impossible. I’m living on edge at the moment that Luca will stumble upon them all any day now! Only 6 more days to get through!!

  2. Presents are hidden in the garage. The kids are so far not able to open the garage door, don’t go outside by themselves so they don’t have any ideas where are their gifts and the surprises are not spoiled “yet”.

  3. Ours have been in the wardrobe and survived a couple of very close calls! Will have to get creative next year 🙂

  4. Mine have been scattered all over the house, even in the boot of the car and at my parents house too! I’m sure I’ve lost a load of gifts in places I cant even remember, I need to draw a map next year!!

  5. We had a nightmare this year as we originally hid all the presents in our very large inbuilt wardrobes. Then we moved bedrooms as we now have an extension. The new wardrobes do not allow for presents and so I quickly wrapped them, put them into bin bags and have stored them in the garage for the time being.

  6. Last year I hid them in the airing cupboard and an empty kitchen cupboard but this year the airing cupboard door has started squeaking so we emptied one of the coat cupboards in the hallway and they are all hiding in there

  7. my sisters and I alway’s used to find where my mum had hidden our gifts when we were kids and I expect my kids have done the same to me!

  8. I don’t have to hide them because it is just the two of us at home and my boyfriend is a really stickler for the rules so he would never ever look for gifts or try to feel them! He won’t even open a birthday card until the actual day – gotta love the rules!

  9. my mum has a terrible memory, every xmas eve it would be “I’ve forgotten where your presents are, if you can find them, you can have them” and she was not joking , it was 100% serious, if we didn’t find them = no pressies!

  10. I either swap gifts with a friend & I have their friends & she has mine or I hide them at the end of my bed where I lay all my blankets & you have to get into my bed to get to the end of it.

  11. As my son is at University at the moment so his wardrobe is empty I’m hiding everyones present in there except his which I’ll hide in a kallax box in my room.

  12. This year they are all in my wardrobe but last year they were all over the house and so well hidden that I couldn’t find one of my daughters when it came to wrapping it and I only found it a couple of months ago so i’m being more careful this year

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