How to organize a storage locker

 organize a storage locker

Your storage locker will provide a useful, secure place to hold belongings. Whether you use it for personal or business-related items, you’re smart for using external storage that frees up the office and home. But now that you have the rental, how exactly do you organise it to make the best use of the space? These tips on how to organize a storage locker will come in handy.

Begin by Choosing the Right Size

To organize a storage locker, before you put anything into the storage area, start by looking at it while it is empty. Assess whether the size is large enough to hold everything you have planned to go in there.

Often people have a vision of what a particular sized unit will look like, and it doesn’t match up with the size or number of items that need to go into it. If you need a larger unit, now is the time to ask the facility to get one, not when you’re halfway through filling it up and realize not everything will fit.

Box Everything Well

Instead of throwing items randomly into the self storage unit, especially if they are fragile, start by doing the packing properly. Put items that are similar are usable together into the same boxes. For example, kitchen items together and business documents in another box. Label the boxes clearly so that you can easily find things later.

Stack Boxes

The ceilings of storage units are incredibly high, so make use of the vertical space in addition to the horizontal. Stack your boxes so that you can fit more into the unit than you might otherwise be able to do.

Make sure that the heaviest items are on the bottom, so that they do not crush anything in the boxes below. That point is especially true if you plan to rent the self storage unit for a long time. The lighter the item, the higher up it goes on the stack.

Create an Aisle

Instead of packing every part of the unit, leave an aisle so that you can go into the storage unit to find the box you need. This organisational tip will save you from having to take out everything to find the item that’s somewhere near the back.

The aisle does not have to be very wide either. Even a width of one foot will do so that you can get to the back to find the thing that’s needed.

Save Frequently Used Items for Last

When packing up the unit at the self storage facility, people usually start at the back and work their way forward. As an organised mum, that’s probably what you’re doing too.

If so, then leave the items that you plan to use regularly until the end. That way they are at the front of the storage space, within easy reach. For example, if you keep business papers there that you need to access regularly, then these will go near the front to be within easy reach.

Final Thoughts on Organising

Now you’ve created a usable storage unit that you can use as you please and is secure when you are not there. Well done! The time you took to organise it well is likely to save you time in the future, especially when you need to access a particular thing that is stored there.

We hope you found these tips on how to organize a storage locker helpful. Happy organizing!

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