12 tips for less back to school stress

Before you know it the summer will be coming to end (sob!), along with all those care free days without routine or agenda and that can only mean one thing – back to school. When a whole family has to shift gear like this, it can create a variety of stressors when adjusting to the end of the summer holidays, but truth be told – some of these can actually be side stepped with a little bit of forward planning and know-how. So I’ve teamed up with Rescue Remedy – a combination of five individual flower essences for emotional wellbeing and care for everyday life available in sprays, droppers and pastilles – to share these top survival tips from fellow parenting bloggers who have been there done that, to help take you be on the road to less back to school stress:

In the run up….

Label all clothing, as much as you say you will you probably won’t and then things get lost and you kick yourself! – Country Heart and Home  

Buy school uniform as early as possible and don’t leave it until the last minute when there is nothing left . – All About A Mini Norris 

Buy more t-shirts than you think they need. Nothing worse than no clean t-shirts! Takes the stress out of Sunday nights. – Life Love and Dirty Dishes 

Use the online booking system for Clarks shoes… those places are mental at the end of the holidays so booking an appointment is a big help. – Mum Muddling Through

Take them out for the day and make choosing new uniform and lunchbox fun – have lunch out and chat about how excited you are about starting school again and how nice it will be to see friends again. – Island Living 365

Buy school shoes in plenty of time and let them wear them a few times to break them in and make sure there are no issues that might cause pain or blisters. Even well fitted shoes can rub, so it’s good to try them out before school starts. – The Parent Game 

Let the kids have as much input into stationery/bags/organisational stuff – help them get excited about going back to school! – Life With Boys 

Try to arrange a meet up with school friends a week before so they feel back in the loop and excited about seeing friends again. – Twinderelmo  

Start easing them back into an earlier bedtime routine the week before. Children really need their sleep and won’t have the opportunity to sleep in later once school goes back. Help to lay the way for making sure they are getting the chance to meet their sleep requirements for their age so they can start school feel refreshed, not knackered! – Motherhood: The Real Deal 

When school goes back

Prepare as much as you can the night before to make mornings less stressful! Make up packed lunches and put them in the fridge, hang out uniforms ready to wear and pack as much as possible into backpacks ready to go. – My Family Fever 

Have colouring sheets and pencils on the table in the morning so they can have a little calm time whilst you make breakfast and drink a hot tea before the school run). – My Mummy Memories 

Remember that children often mirror our own feelings and behaviour. If we’re feeling all stressed about back to school, we’re likely to perhaps unknowingly project that feeling onto them. Try and stay as calm as possible – I find having a supply of Rescue Remedy to hand for those stressy mornings works wonders. A couple of sprays when it all gets too much is all that’s needed to bring on the calm. – Motherhood: The Real Deal

So what are you doing to prepare for back to school? Do you have any tips for making back to school less stressful? Do share in a comment below.

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  1. Our schools in Scotland went back today! I confess that today was the least stressful day of school so far, I think, as the kids were that excited they were up early and sorted themselves out with minimal prompting from me. Great tips, though, and I’ve used Rescue Remedy in the past with success.

  2. Some great tips there, I had no idea that Clarks had an online booking system. I’ve been looking at Rescue Remedy recently too as one of my girls gets anxious and I thought it might help. Thanks, Mich x

  3. The worst one for me is the bedtime routine. They go back in two weeks but I have to start getting them back on track this week and that’s so hard. Every year it’s such a challenge.

  4. Some great ideas here, my granddaughter started school today ( she lives in Scotland, where term dates are different) she has been waiting for this day for a long time, to say that she was excited this morning is the understatement of the century!

  5. Brilliant tips! I’m gradually getting all of the bits we need ready, my youngest joins his brother at secondary school when they go back so a whole new expensive uniform is on our list eek!

    Stevie x

  6. These are brilliant tips and it has just reminded me that I still haven’t bought school uniform!!! Must get that done this week. X

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