A letter to my daughter: Goodbye to the golden days of summer

letter to my daughter

To my darling E,

We wondered how we’d make it through to your late school starting date of 20th September. In my ignorance, I fretted and panicked – but now the truth is, whilst the rest of the nation seems to be back at school we are now still counting down our extra last days and weeks of freedom and I am so happy to have them.

And oh, the adventures we have had. As the whole country went on sleepy mode and escaped our emerald isle; we spent day after day together just you and me…the world was our oyster as I savoured a time that would never come again, that would be overtaken by days at school and true freedom only permitted at weekends at holidays.

I imprinted that glorious feeling of your little hand in mine, I scooped you up in my arms as if you were still a baby and held you close, I giggled at your running commentary of life around us and bald men having their hair blown off by the wind (yes really!), and wondered at nature – chasing butterflies with you, and climbing and hugging trees as a four year old only could.

letter to my daughter

I delighted in walking barefoot in the sand with you, and flying kites and whooped on the side as you learnt to swim and grew up so big.

letter to my daughter

I look down into your school clothes drawer as the items in there laying in wait gently tug at my heart strings. A mixture of pride and emotion overwhelms me. As photos of “first day of school” flood my feeds, and the leaves start to crunch under our feet, I know this will be you in two weeks time.

letter to my daughter

I want it to come, and I want it to go away. But most of all, I want to remember these golden days of summer, of you and I together, forever.

Your one and only mama xoxo

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