A letter to my daughter on her first day of nursery school

first day at nursery school

Just as soon as she turned three, amidst the flurry of emotions of the new school term, comes the start of nursery school for my one and only.

And because this moment will never come again, here are a few words I wanted to say to her on this big day….

Dear Little E,

As your last time at playgroup and mornings of freedom spent splashing in the local swimming pool and plotting outdoor adventures come to a close, so does the summer.

Your nursery school book bag which you have been carting around the house so proudly over the summer months is now joined by your first school skirt, pinafore and shiny new shoes.

Your teachers have been to meet and greet us, and as we prepare for the belated onset of first nursery school I am so excited for you but can’t help feel a pinch inside.

You have wanted this moment so much over the last year, and though I know this will be the first of many, I know that this also signifies the beginning of a journey where everything will change as you pass through the rites of passage, from nursery to junior, then senior school and beyond.

Now you are part of the system, out in the open world…exposed…to make friends and break friends, to learn and forget, to love and to loathe, to succeed and to loose, to discover and hide, to flourish and sometimes fall. These are the moments that will make you and shape you beyond your loving home, but I promise I’ll always be there waiting to help you make sense of them along the way.

I hope nursery school is everything you hoped for and more, and that it captures your spark inside.

My love always, Mama xxx

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  1. What a sweet letter! How cute that she’s been dragging her book bag around with her. Reminds me of the time T used to do this too before reception. I’m sure she’ll enjoy “big school” as my daughter liked to call it then 🙂

  2. This is so sweet, I completely understand how you feel about the pinch. Archie has also started nursery but as he goes to a Special Needs school he goes full time. I feel like I’ve lost a whole year with him, but I do know it’s best for him to get the early support x

  3. Emotional letter that made my heart flutter wet my eyes and brought mix of

    precious faded memoirs of inexperience young mum at the time who had to do so many unfamiliar
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