5 family breakfast ideas in a hurry

family breakfast ideas

Family breakfasts….in my opinion quite easily the most stressful time of the day. You’ve got to get your littles up, dressed, fed and out the door within an obscenely short space of time.

Breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal of the day but uh oh….research by MOMA Foods found that almost 20 million British women report spending just five and a half minutes preparing breakfast each morning, compared to just 15 million British men and only 60% of women said they make the time to eat breakfast at all.

That’s right, women everywhere are rushing breakfasts and missing breakfasts and you know what that spells? Yes that’s right…BIG FAT UH OH.

So what is the answer here? Well if you are chowing cereal or granola, toast or porridge then you’re not alone as no surprise – they are our most  popular breakfast foods according to their research.

Snorrrrrre…..cereal and milk might be the simplest of breakfast concoctions, but can quickly become very boring and something that both you and your family will be groaning over in the long term. So folks, let’s get a little adventurous yeah?  Check out these ideas for family breakfast in a hurry courtesy of MOMA:

1. Smoothies

Whizz up som fresh or frozen fruit with milk, juice or water – you could even add some honey for more sweetness or oats for a more filling breakfast. Failing that, stock up on MOMA’s premade oat smoothies.

2. Breakfast sundaes

So quick to make and extra brownie points for fun factor for the kids – simply invest in some sundae glasses and fill with bircher muesli, top with some yoghurt and fruit juice, layer again and top with more yoghurt and fresh fruit. It’ll look like dessert for breakfast and super speedy to make too!

3. Porridge sachets

Stock up on porridge sachets. MOMA have a few different porridge sachets, including cranberry and raisin, golden syrup and a plain sachet, too. With the plain, you could get creative with your own toppings and additions. How about adding some pumpkin puree with some cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger to the porridge, now that autumn is here?


4. Frozen yoghurt cups

Mash up banana and mix with greek yoghurt and honey, then freeze in silicone molds. Eat on their own on the go or add to cereal or porridge in the mornings for a quick addition. Extra brownie points for the fact these can be made the night before and kept for a few days. Hurrah!

5. Jazz it up

Make toast more interesting by thinking outside of the box when it comes to toast toppers. Try spreading with some ricotta, honey and a sprinkling of sesame seeds for a mini breakfast feast. Yum!

Want to know more? Find out about the five most nutritional breakfasts to eat in a rush. No excuses ok?

How do you get family breakfast on the table in a hurry? Have you tried any of these ideas?

*This post is in collaboration with MOMA Foods. 

Picture credit: FreeImages.com Content License


  1. Oh gosh yes breakfast… and I’ve just torn open a packed of pain au chocolat and handed them out to the kids! don’t report me!!
    I think a little more effort and imagination is needed – thansk or opening my eyes to some new ideas.
    Big love, L

  2. Ohh I’ve only just had breakfast but now I’m hungry again! I must admit that we have porridge for breakfast every day and it does it get boring. I will try and mix it up a bit from now on xx #coolmumclub

  3. Some great ideas there! Porridge sachets look great. I am very bad for actually getting myself breakfast as I am too busy throwing breakfast at everyone else! #coolmumclub

  4. I think I must be rare then. I do some form of cooked breakfast each morning!! Actually it came about because of my son’s allergies where the doctor told us to fry or roast everything possible to keep his weight up. It takes so long though. We all get up really early. We love porridge too. Sachets are a good idea to have in a cupboard for the morning where the alarm didn’t go off, which has happened. #coolmumclub

  5. Great ideas, i always eat breakfast, but quite often don’t want to. Its just the idea of a box of cereal. You wouldn’t have the same dinner every night for a week, but breakfast we so often just have the same, or one of 3 things. i get so bored of it.


  6. Breakfast Sundaes sound like a winner! We’ll have to give that a try. My two are going to end up in a porridge coma if I don’t start mixing it up a bit 🙂 x #coolmumclub

  7. Loving these ideas to break free from the Groundhog day of cereal… I love porridge in the winter, bring it on!
    Thanks for being such a #foodie queen #coolmumclub host extrordinaire xx

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