Fussy eater tips: 15 foods you can sneak vegetables into

fussy eater tips

There is nothing more excruciating than trying to get a fussy eater to eat vegetables. And having almost four years of experience on the picky eating front it’s given me plenty of time to experiment with foods you can sneak vegetables into. Here I’ve put together some of my favourite foods you can get cunning with – good luck with the experimenting!


….some of my faves here include super finely chopped spinach, or grated carrot or courgette – egg really can be the master of disguise! Perfect for a hearty breakfast of light lunch.


…yup! These are amazing deceivers…you can make sweet potato pancakes, carrot pancakes, pumpkin pancakes and even get away with spinach so long as you give the veg a good blitz with the blender first! Take a look at some of my fave pancake combos here.


Rice just doesn’t have to be rice. Winners to add in to rice whilst cooking include grated carrot, courgette, cubes of pumpkin which can be mashed in later and I’ve even been known to add beetroot puree in on occasion!

Breakfast bread

Combined with bananas it’s amazing what you can fool with this baby. My recent experiment of banana, courgette and aubergine (yes really!) breakfast bread went down a storm.

Pasta sauce

This one is a no brainer, but honestly, if you’re not already sneaking veggies into this then what a missed opportunity. Be sure to blend it up thoroughly for a powered up family dinner.

Meatballs & burgers

So long as it’s shredded there’s lots you can get away with inside a meatball or burger mix – sweet potato, courgette, carrot and parsnip just for starters….


Beetroot, aubergine, avocado and sweet potato all make really good bases for smoodgy brownies! If you’re shy start off with sweet potato brownies as these are hard to get wrong.


Ok I think expecting kids to eat spiralized veggie noodles on their own is probably a bit far fetched but have some noodle-fied vegetables mixed in WITH the noodles, now we’re talking! Lots of different options to play with here.


Mash doesn’t have to be plain old white potatoes, mix it in with super soft carrots, cauliflower, sweet potato or pumpkin.


There is something about the smoodgy factor of quesidillas which means you can sneak in veggies where otherwise there is no way they would pass their lips – mashed avocado and shredded spinach pass off without a flinch!


Ok this is not so much sneaking but making them seem like something they are not. Home baked root vegetable crisps with some sweet potato, courgette or parsnip is a cunning way to fool them into eating healthy crisps.


So long as the veg is hidden under their favourite topping, this will usually be enough so fool most fussy eaters so long as the consistency is right (read blended or very finely shredded)


Classic spag bol is the perfect rouse to get a load of veggies into little and for super fussy ones it can be part blended with a hand blender so disguise. Think courgettes, carrots, aubergines and anything else you might throw into a spag bol!


No we’re not talking insanely bad for your puddings but if there is only one way I have managed to get my whole family to eat avocado no questions asked it’s in this chocolate avocado pudding!


Forget blah! porridge introducing yummy porridge made with pumpkin or sweet potato puree….goes down a treat with a good dash of cinnamon and a drizzle of honey in the morning!

Have you tried any of the above to sneak veggies into your resident picky eater/s? What other ideas do you have to suggest? Do leave a comment below and share.

Fussy eater tips: 15 foods you can sneak vegetables into

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  1. I love these ideas! Especially the idea of an omelette. I haven’t thought about that one before. I also sneak veggies into smoothies!! She loves smoothies but wouldn’t eat some of the things I put in them alone. x

  2. Will definitely be trying the breakfast bread! Our go-to dish for extra veg is lasagne, we chuck loads in there, so perhaps not very authentic but still delicious! #CoolMumClub

  3. My kids are great with veg (husband not so much!) so I never need to sneak as such. But, I pack all of my meals with as much as possible! Great ideas. #coolmumclub

  4. Some great ideas! Sometimes I find my daughters will eat raw slices of veggies as snacks, even if they would reject the cooked versions at dinner time (maybe it depends how hungry they are!). #coolmumclub

  5. Love a good chocolate and beetroot cake but I’ve never tried it in a brownie before- can’t wait til the beers are ready then I know what I’ll be making! #coolmumclub

  6. Oh my word how have I never tried any of these tricks with the mouse? She loves a tomato sauce, and a meatball, and a pizza…this is my mission for next week! I’m on it! Thanks hun!

    Pinned all over the #coolmumclub cooks board for future reference 😉

  7. I’m really luck t that both mine love veg, but I do still have to hide some bits… I’d never considered brownies though, what a great idea!!! #coolmumclub

  8. Some really good ideas here! My son has sensory sensitivities which means I need to make most of what he eats crunchy which limits some of my options. But this list is awesome for kids who don’t mind as much about the texture of their food!

  9. LOTS of great ideas here. I regularly use the mince option, but it’s not always easy. My kids can spot a carrot or pea from the dining table before I even dish up in the kitchen. It’s exhausting but I’ve just about given up. They eat a huge amount of fruit so if they don’t want veggies, I’m pretty sure they’re getting a good deal of healthy nutrients in their diet via the fruit.

  10. Great tips, my youngest is such a fussy eater. Mind you, you son was too and he now eats almost anything so there is hope. Beetroot brownies are a big hit, may have to try those sweet potato ones next x

  11. The Tubblet can spot a vegetable at 200 paces, however finely it’s chopped or blitzed. I have no clue how as she can’t find her bus pass when it’s in front of her!

  12. Love these ideas, would never have thought of the breakfast bread or the brownies ones. Im really lucky as at the moment at least my toddler just pretty much will eat anything. it might not last though so will keep these in mind!

  13. shephards pie and spag bol was the only way as a kid that i’d eat vegetables so im a lover of mince hiding the veg. Luckily, Ben seems to love everything right now so food is easy… but its still very new to him! #coolmumclub

  14. This is a fantastic post, even though my son is six I have to sneak vegetables into his (excluding broccoli) food. I love the idea of grated carrot in omelette, and sweet potato pancakes. I love banana bread but can’t convince my son to eat it! I am going to start pureeing more foods and adding them #coolmumclub xx

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