How to put off your child from vaping

put off you child from vaping

Many of us will be glad to know that the figures for tobacco cigarette smoking, especially among teens, have dropped notably over the period of last few years. These dropping numbers are a great thing because the teens who tend not to smoke before they’re at least 20 are less likely to become a permanent smoker throughout their lives.

While we cherish the decline of a bad habit amongst kids, there is another new trend that is speedily multiplying among teenagers – vaping. Two different approaches towards this newly popular trend can be explained. Parents and guardians getting alarmed that their kids might be getting involved with another bad habit instead of smoking will be the first one. While e-cig usage might not introduce teenagers to hundreds of harmful chemicals like the combustible tobacco cigarettes, there still are many health risks that they might get exposed to by the activity. A lot of experts claim that e-cigs can be a gateway to traditional smoking and many others argue that it is the other way round but the debate continues.

The other view point is relief that at least teenagers are safe from the harms of smoking regular tobacco cigarettes. However, vaping is still frowned upon though the evidence to back up any threats offered by the e-cig usage is still unclear. Some take the view that the dropping figures of conventional smoking indicate that vaping does not lead people into tobacco addiction but in fact keeps would-be smokers away from the “real” threat.

Lack of experimental evidence is the sole cause of confusion regarding what should be the parental approach towards the topic. In the meantime, a lot of health professionals are asking for the implementation of strict regulation regarding the usage among underage teens, online sales and marketing as well as celebrity endorsements that make the products more appealing to immature minds.

Strict regulations might also  make the adult users switch back to smoking which some would argue would be a backwards step to the “progress” being made for minimizing the scientifically proved dangerous activity. While many of the online e-liquid stores highlight age-restriction on their own and all of us would agree that there should be laws insisting the usage among underage kids to be illegal but still the question at hand is whether these already implemented techniques and regulations to come will be able to stop underage kids from using such products because the criteria has been failing for regular cigarettes.

All of these issues indicate that we need more than just strict regulations to keep our kids from getting involved in any such activities. Perhaps the intelligent approach would be using some sort of persuasive technique that could highlight the act as something unnecessary or undesirable. Maybe highlighting the fact that the corporate marketing experts are manipulating the teens by selling them something harmful labeled and introduced as something cool for their own gain will change their perspective. Only each parent knows what the best course is with their own children. What would be yours?

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  2. Thanks for sharing this. Among the positive effects on health, switching to vaporizing definitely saves money in the long run, even if the upfront cost of purchasing a rig may be a little steep. Couple that with the lack of actual smoke entering the lungs, and the switch to vaping certainly looks more attractive.

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