A letter to every parent of a small child on the weekend

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Dear Parent,

I hear you…I really do. Each day you’ve been busting a gut to get breakfast on the table in time, to get out the door in time, to get to your littles to day care, school ectetera on time…

You’ve squeezed in work, cooking, laundry, chores into every nook and cranny of your life during the week (and not complained even a peep!). And you get to the weekend and you hope maybe, just maybe, you can all have a nice time together, without being on crazy fast forward mode.

You hope that maybe, just maybe, you can all have some quality time, laughing and smiling, and enjoying each other’s company.

Oh ho ho didn’t anyway tell you life isn’t that sweet?

Yes you’ve ploughed through five days of grind in the hope that you’ll be met with all those worthwhile parenting moments that they sell to you in the ads.

Instead you get the muffins you bust a gut to bake on your Friday night when should have been blobbing in front of Netflix thrown  back in your face with a massive YUCK at 8am in the morning.

The promise of quality time gets thwarted by the lure of Paw Patrol because let’s face it…Chase and Rider are wayyyy more exciting than your lamo antics.

You negotiate an hour full of traffic and three potential road accidents just to go and watch something at the Saturday morning kids screening which your sproglet condemns within a minute of the film running. FML.

And between it all every scenario is glued together with waterfalls of whining, buckets of moaning and no matter how much you try to fill up their emotional cup it seems the cup is leaking and yours is smashed and broken on the floor.

And it’s not even lunchtime yet.

You feel like the biggest loser in life, as you for the umpteenth time question why you have opened yourself up to such torment otherwise known as parenthood as every delicious expectation of the weekend is chewed up and spat in your face. What were you thinking when you signed the agreement that traded in eggs benny in bed for this???! Cue onslaught of guilt and ungratefulness for even having that thought.

Lets face it – it is no wonder that most parents look forward to the weekdays when the weekends look like this is it?

So don’t beat yourselves up dear reader.

Weekends are now just another part of the messy greasy tangle of parenting in which we are all caught up in. We don’t own this, we just have to battle on through it. Weekends as a parent are no different to a weekday just because the word happens to finish with ‘end’. Where you really fooled? Oh dear – yet another harsh reality from our dear old friend parenthood and a little reminder to bring those expectations WAY down ok?

What else is left to be said aside from – brace yourself, the weekend is only a few days away!

Love from yours,

A fellow weekend lamenting parent

Sound like your weekend? Feel free to let it all out in a comment below!

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  1. Thankfully, not anymore, especially since T started school. But I hear your (and many others) pain. I remember it so well. Hang in there folks, it is only a phase. xxx

  2. I am pretty sure you wrote this post just for me lol! I think I need to chill out on the weekend and realise that sometimes the kids need / want to chill at home. They get fed up with our ideas of what we could go out and do when they are tired from the week x

  3. I do not yet have kids so for me weekends still have a full meaning of ‘end’ lol but I agree with your post parenting is 24/7 not week ‘end’s on days

  4. You have such a great writing style, even though I’m not a parent for some weird reason I’m thinking, gosh I could relate to that haha. Hopefully it’s not a manic weekend this week! X

  5. Haha this totally describes us some weekends; the all familiar struggle and tantrum as we attempt a nice family day out and all the little man wants to do is sit and eat crisps or watch Disney! We try our best!! <3

  6. Great post! I only work three days so feel like I get two weekend, saying that he’s still rather watch Peppa and Paw Patrol that do something with his Mum…unless is involved a bus ride (which it did yesterday) and then he’a happy…until he has to get off the bus and throws a tantrum #CoolMumClub

  7. Haha, this is great. I’ll admit, I reset my weekend expectations a long time ago. I barely plan anything special that way I’m not disappointed 😉 On the few occasions I forget myself I usually end up irrate for the various reasons your amusing post calls out. You can ‘make’ special days in parenting. If they’re going to happen they will be on some dreary Monday when all you’ve done is go for the food shop…. #CoolMumClub

  8. Oh how spot on you are. All week I think of all the nice things I’m going to do with the kids at the weekend and every weekend I wonder why I bother when they just spend the whole time screaming, fighting, telling me no whenever I ask them to do something and just generally being little horrors. But hey- that’s motherhood for ya.

    Thanks for hosting #coolmumclub

  9. I remember this kind of weekends, yes:). Not much fun. But it gets better as they get older. We are now age 7 and 8 and what helps us to have a great weekend, is that we plan it together. We choose sat or sun to go on a trip or to visit grandparents as we don’t live close by. We only struggle if me and my husband want to go hiking:))))not there yet!

  10. Yeah, weekends can be hard to navigate. Week = routine, weekend = end of week =end of routine = what’s the point in doing it all week then?! Vicious circle haha. #coolumuclub

  11. I hate most weekends! I always foolishly think this weekend will be brilliant, Hubby will be home, I can share the parenting load, I won’t be the only one they ask for things from…. NO! It’s worse! They get annoyed with Hubby because he doesn’t do things how I do them so they just ask me. It takes them the whole weekend to get used to him being here again then its back to work. Plus I swear he just winds each of them up on purpose.
    But I am sure this weekend will be brilliant…..

  12. Couldn’t agree more. Weekends are often way more stressful/ long/ stretched out than weekdays (unless of course something exciting is planned). Routine goes out of the window, wake-up time is still the same and there’s no break aka nursery/school:(

  13. Ha ha my biggest weekend dilemma is the third kid – the hubby always wants to chill at home after a week out of the house and it leaves us both doing tag-team parenting and climbing the walls by lunchtime! Another fine spot of parenting observation #coolmumclub host with the most! xx

  14. Glad it’s not just me!! This Saturday I will enjoy ferrying my kids to various parties and activities and helping at the school fair, which leaves zero time to do anything I actually need or want to do and knackered grumpy kids from all the parties #coolmumclub

  15. And they are so much harder in Winter when you can’t just chuck the kids out into the garden with a selection of balls to kick around! Being locked in the house hunkering down out of the elements is not easy, negotiating kids into clothes warm enough for Winter is even harder. Bring on Monday morning (or not…. argh you can’t win!) #coolmumclub

  16. I still look forward to the weekends. It’s nice not to be rushing around in the mornings and it’s nice to be at home. Although I hear you with the whining and the moaning. Sometimes we have to go out so that the four walls don’t close in. #coolmumclub

  17. Gawd – as a parent of slightly older still teenage kids I recommend y’all slow down ! (My american accent)
    I get that (I hope) this article is tongue in cheek.

    But here are some tips. First of all – Saturday morning – long lie or laze in bed with kids for a cuddle – stick the telly on – get up for a cuppa etc etc.

    Ideally buy a smaller house so you are not rushing around trying to pay the mortgage. This may also mean one of you can at least take some time out so that things are not so hectic. If all the kids are at school this means that shopping etc might actually get done when you have some time ! And you can catch up with friends for coffee occasionally to keep up with the gossip !
    Ideally try to get something organised where one of you can work from home.

    Yes sure I am sure you will do some things like going on outings and such-like – but if you are used to being with your kids from a young age and know how they tick then you dont have those stressful weekend outings that I see working parents having. (I know many of you prob hate me for saying that !) but it does ruin our days watching you trying to get your squawling child into a trolley and not realise if you make an ever so slight game of it then you can do it – but the more you stress the more the kid stresses etc etc ….

    so give yourself (and the rest of us !) a break !

    And meanwhile lets get back to sorting out the political situation – much more pressing esp if you are in the UK where our young folk are about to lose the chance to easily work in 28 different countries. And we might lose chance to retire to the sun – necessary after all that parenting !!

    Good luck with it all – its not all about money – its about people and fun – remember THE BEST THINGS IN LIFE ARE FREE !! ITS TRUE !!

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