For those days when you feel like an inferior mum

 inferior mum

You know those days – and there are many of them – those days when you get everything wrong…

Those days when you send your child to school in her school uniform when it’s actually mufti day.

The days when you are scrambling around in your cupboards for the school bottle tombola but all you can find is a manky old bottle of beer which looks like it’s from 1999 which will have to do because you have to send it into school that morning (I’m truly sorry if you won it at the bottle tombola!).

The days when you feel like an inferior mum.

Those days when you burn the dinner, get your words muddled up ALL day because of you muddled mum brain, loose your phone a thousand times, seem like an absolute lunatic because you are muttering very loudly – ok maybe more shouting – about the imbecile who has parked on the double yellow lines on the corner of he school YET AGAIN and as a result almost got you and your offspring run over (ummmm, there’s a reason you’re not supposed to park there it’s called NO VISIBILITY).

The days when you send your child to school looking like Worzel Gummage only to realise at the school gate with utter dread that it was the school photo that day.

You feel like an utter calamity.

I have so many of these days. In fact I would say roughly about five out of seven days of my week look like this (just ask my neighbour – she will vouch for me!).

The other two days of the week, I probably look like the mum who’s “got this”. The mum who has dinner in the slow cooker, breakfast prepped the night before, a child with hair that doesn’t look like it’s been put through a spiralizer, and maybe…just maybe..those are the days you remember me by.

But the rest of the time – I’m a beautiful complicated mess of trying to do the work, home and family life juggle, feeling mighty inferior at times, wondering how I’m barely keeping it together with one child when others seem to be breezing it with two, three of four.

This is the real mum me.

The slapstick, Benny Hill music playing in my head as the background to the calamity of motherhood me; the dropping everything cack-handed me; the sweaty, panting and  zooming through life at a million miles an hour, leaving too late for school pick up me.

This is not the mum of Instagram posing with her meticulous hair and nails against a stunning backdrop with her curated kids somewhere.

And this is not the Pinterest perfect mum with her glorious braids, amazing crafts, divine cookies and amazingly styled coffee table.

This is my real life motherhood.

This is my hold my hands up flying by the seat of my pants motherhood. This is my here’s hoping I don’t totally f*** this all up motherhood. And maybe…just maybe…it’s your motherhood too.

So if any of this – just any of this – rings true I’d love to hear if there are any kindred mama spirits are out there in a comment below – shout loud fellow messy mamas! And let’s be honest about our flaws, because I’m pretty sure it can only make us all feel a lot better when we’re having one of “those” days – those days when we feel like an inferior mum.

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  1. Ohh I so needed to read this today. I have just got back from a round trip to London after leaving the house at 4.30am thinking I was at an event today, turns out its not till next week. I feel like I have no idea what I’m doing most days…..just breathe….. xx

  2. Oh I definitely am with you with this, I do not have my shizz together at all and I definitely don’t have dinner in the slow cooker – is there a worse task than cooking a dinner your children will NEVER eat?!

  3. I think I have done all of those in my time as a parent, but now I run the PFA, so if I catch you donating that bottle of beer 😉

  4. I am having a lot of these days right now. But what Im realising is that its how we all feel! Basically surviving and doing my best! #coolmumclub

  5. Looking in now as a grandmother I can remember those days but also see the results that have proved we all feel like that but come through it all with great memories also.

  6. There are so many great points that I connect with here and so many of the things I know I have done, but right now I am just excited that you said ‘Mufti day’ as my husband is quite convinced that I have made this phrase up or it is just something from my ‘posh’ school… I am directing him to your post as soon as he gets home lol! #CoolMumClub

  7. This was me last week when I turned up to nursery with thirty seconds spare…and realised it was forest school day at a local country park, three miles away! aargh! We are all in it together right?!! #CoolMumClub

  8. Yesssss! Messy hair, forgot to brush my hair, long too on a hot day… We’re late to playschool most days which is apparently fine as there are a few of us driving in as the car park is almost empty. No fighting for a space, and we all park by the door so we get the babies out easily… that’s the reason I won’t be on time We’re going to get a shock adtartig preschool in September… 8.45 and she CAN’T be late

  9. Right now I have a calendar, a diary, a list and a list on my iPhone and yet I still had to confirm with the eye rolling school receptionist what I’m doing! I hear you!! #coolmumclub

  10. Love this and I’m pretty certain when I say, you are not alone!! We are all busy bumbling our way through life at a thousand miles an hour. I’m off to find a mouldy bottle of something for non-uniform day on Friday! #CoolMumClub xx

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