When mum brain strikes! How many of these have YOU done?

mum brain

How many times have you done something totally ridiculous, topsy-turvy and downright stoooopid and thought – my goodness! I must be absolutely totally losing the plot! Well, I can safely say that in our household, it’s a regular occurrence thanks to my old mum brain. But if you think you’re the only one who seems to be going doolally with sleep deprivation and general forgetfulness I promise you now, you are not (thank goodness)! In a bid to make all mums suffering from mum brain (including myself!) feel better about those serious facepalm moments, fellow parenting bloggers are confessing to their serious oops moments when their mum brain strikes! How many of these have YOU done?

The one when you try to “turn your partner down”

I once pointed the remote and my husband and tried to turn him up as I couldn’t hear him. – Scrap Book Blog  

Putting the phone into soak

My worst mum brain moment was when I’d had no more than 3 hours sleep a night for weeks and my mother came to hold the 12 week old who I’d just had to move on to bottles from breast. I gathered up the used bottles and dumped them all into soak, went to the bathroom and then went back to sit in my rocking chair with the baby. I sat down and began to look for my phone. Five minutes later I gave a cry of realisation that I’d put my 4 month old new phone into “soak” with the bottles.  Luckily rice and the airing cupboard for two days fixed it. – Mummy In A Tutu  

Missing skirt alert

I went out all day once realising I hadn’t put a skirt on! Just a jumper and a pair of quite see-through tights!! I was mortified! – Five Littles Doves 

Where HAS that milk gone?!

I made cereal and put the milk back in the cupboard with the cereal box instead of in the fridge… I only realised when I wanted a cup of tea later and I couldn’t find the milk! – Emma Reed 

What’s in a name anyway?

I often forget basic words or what things are called. Coffee is often called ‘morning juice’! – Les Be Mums

Pushchair panic

I pulled up at my eldest’s daughters school for pick up and a bit further down the road at the side of the pavement I noticed a pushchair. I thought to myself, that’s just like mine even the same cosy toes. I carried on my business and went to get my pushchair out of the boot and it wasn’t there. I had a moment of panic and then realised the pushchair down the road was mine. I had left it there from school drop off and luckily no one had taken it. It was sat there from 9am-3pm!!!  – Dear Bear and Beany

Forget the Persil

I once threw a cup of dog food in the washing machine, the worst part is I’m not sure if I was trying to feed the dog or wash the clothes! – Fizzy Peaches 

Coffee chaos

When I was trying to make milk and coffee at the same time I put the bottle under the Nespresso machine and my coffee cup under the Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep machine! That would have been a shock for all involved! – Surrey Mama 

It’s the school run…or is it?

I’ve driven my kids to my husband’s work before instead of school! – Keeping Up With The Jones Family 

Forget the shopping

I left an entire shop, as in two full bags of groceries by the self-check out at Tesco’s after I’d paid for them. Walked all the way home with the baby in the pram only to realise. Walked all the way back to find the manager had put everything back. Luckily I had the receipt! – Scandi Mummy 

Purse problems

I drove off with my purse on the roof of the car. Could not believe it was still there when I got to the shop! – Sticky Mud and Belly Laughs 

Text confusion

Just last week I received a text from school inviting us to an event. I texted them back saying I was washing my hair then as they text me back I realised I didn’t text my husband but replied to the school by mistake! I was mortified! Gave the ladies in the office a giggle though – Mrs Shilts

Not the car keys!!!

I once gave my daughter the car keys to play with – and then put her in her car seat while she was still holding them. Of course, you can guess what happened next. – Twinderelmo 

The one where you leave the door wide open

I left the door not just unlocked, but open, wide, for 2 hours while I went to do the weekly shop. I blame having to strap two into car seats. – Someone’s Mum 

On cooking plates

I put a dish on the hob and turned it on instead of in the oven. I only realised a bit later when I heard it smash! – Are Pops 

Where’s the baby!!!!?

I thought I’d lost my kids the other day the baby was attached to me in a woven wrap and the toddler was doing that standing behind me thing. – Two Tiny Hands  

When everything is topsy-turvy

Once when I had a night of being up every hour, on the hour in the morning, I ended up putting coffee in my porridge instead of milk. Then when I threw everything away to start again, I put milk in the kettle instead of water. There have also been many times where I’ve left the house with tops on the wrong way round or inside out too. – Life Unexpected 

Not just a normal shower

I once got in the shower fully dressed!!! – Susan K Mann  

So there you have it, proof that you are not the only one suffering from mumnesia and in fact we are all having total brain farts and doing ridiculous things collectively all of the time!

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  1. OH my goodness – I once got into the shower fully dressed too!!! I’ve never met any other mom that has admitted to that before! I didn’t even just get in to the shower, I washed my hair and it wasn’t until I had the conditioner in and I went to put the shower gel on that I realized I was stood in soaking wet clothes. We started sleep training a few days later!

  2. Oh these are hilarious! I once put my husbands iPod in the washing machine, along with the TV remote. I’ve put my phone in the fridge… and quite recently I walked out of the preschool gates without my pram… with our youngest still in it. Left behind, crying and a worried looking teacher trying to console him. I genuinely forgot that I had just had a baby!

  3. Ha ha ha, these are so funny! Even in my sleep deprived state I’ve managed to avoid any major mum brain moments – think my loopiness comes out in passive aggressive digs at my husband instead. Whoops.

  4. Haha these are great. I once left our garden gate swinging open after the window cleaner had been Went to Tesco to get a call from my hubby asking where the dogs were. Seems the sods had gotten out and walked themselves to the park! They must have thought it was there lucky day. I had to collect them from the council kennels the next day after paying nearly £100 for the privilege!

  5. Sounds like we have all had a fair few mum brain moments…I don’t know about you but I’m wondering whether I will ever stop having mum brain lol! x

  6. So glad I’m not alone! I have done some amazing things! I once had a massive panic attack when my toddler went missing in the Supermarket… took me 90 seconds to remember she was at nursery!

  7. These are so funny! I’ve sang along to bob the builder all the way to work…without kids, showered fully dressed and I put my shoes in the freezer once….I didn’t find them for days! #coolmumclub

  8. Mufasa, our cat, keeps getting locked in rooms as I close the door without checking he’s there. He has a very loud mew! Very loud. (If I ever figure it out, I’ll post a sound file on the blog!)

  9. Reading these have made me feel sooooooo much better! I seem to do these kind of things all of the time and always think ‘why is it only me?!’ So glad to hear that it’s not! The one about the buggy is brilliant – definitely something I would do xx #coolmumclub

  10. These are classic – no skirt Laura ha ha!
    I am known as the scooter Mum at school – after more than one occasion of leaving the girls two scooters on the roadside and emails being sent to every parent. Ooops. Still, at least I remembered the kids…
    We are all #CoolMumClub Loonies together!

  11. Once (actually, a few times) I was barely awake in the morning and I started to make my coffee. But I also had to make cereal for my son and I grabbed the iced tea instead of the mild and poured iced tea in his cereal. I didn’t even realize it until he started screaming, “Mommy, my cereal tastes yucky!” That was a great morning lol! I’ve put water in my coffee before instead of creamer and I poured milk over my pancakes instead of syrup. Mornings are rough man! #CoolMumClub

  12. Don’t let it get you down just laugh about it and be warned it doesn’t get much better once you are an OAP. I am amazed now a t how I used to be able to multi task while being a working mum (albeit with a few hiccups) Now its lists, lists and more lists to keep me and mine organised

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