30 thoughts a mum of a young child has every day

thoughts a mum of a young child has

It’s no surprise that as a mum, many of our thought strains are probably more similar than we care to admit. So I’m about to blow the cover and tell the whole world what we are thinking on any particular day of the week. Don’t try to deny you don’t think all of these every day.

1. Awake awake! Is it time to get up? Oh no, it’s 3am you IDIOT!



2. Oh noooooo I’m late again for (insert any activity here!)



3. Need the toilet need the toilet need the toilet (for the last three hours)



4. Wouldn’t it be nice to go the toilet without having a little gremlin hanging off you!



5. Oh god it’s that face again


6. Please just EAT it!!!



7. Bloody hell what am I going to make for dinner tonight?



8. What in God’s name is all of that underneath the kitchen table (forgets to wipe it up for upteenth time this week)?!



9.Need coffee..like..now



10. Is that my child screaming? Oh no…it was a cat.



11. Uh oh..what was that? (preceded by massive thump somewhere in the house)



12. Is that another wrinkle/grey hair?



13. How many hours is it until bed time?



14. Oh I love my children!



15. Help! I need to run away!



16. Is it too early to have wine?



17. God I really can’t be bothered to talk to (insert anyone’s name here)



18. I can’t be the only one feeling this way, surely



19. Wow my child is really amazing!



20. Wow I think they might be a devil child



21. Must finish that laundry. Probably never will.




22. I will do 10 minutes exercise today (yeah right!!!! never gonna loose that baby weight)



23. How can I get out of (insert social engagement here)



24. How does that mum at (insert location) always look so together?



25. Awwww….I love my other half



26. Grrrrr….my other half is so annoying!



27. Why did I go into this room again?



28. Oh no I forget to call them back!



29. What day is it today?



30. God give me strength


Did I miss out any thoughts? Please do leave a comment and share any which always run through your brain which aren’t included here.

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  1. Hahahaha….loved this! I must have had all these thoughts, sometimes all at once, or one after another, in rapid succession.

  2. Giggled all the way! I especially can relate with the toilet and the pleading for the little ones to eat… Hang on, I can relate with everything! 😉

  3. So much love for this <3 Especially the part about constantly needing to pee!!!! And one minute adoring my child then the next thinking he is devil spawn!! So confusing being a Mommy sometimes; a whirlwind of emotions <3

  4. ha ha ha ha – love! The under the kitchen table mess (!), the cancelling social engagements, the love then not so love thoughts about child and husband, the exercise – all of it – so true! #CoolMumClubs

  5. Yep, these all sound super familiar! So often my husband will come home and ask “What’s for dinner?” or on his cooking days “What do you think I should make for dinner?”. Why do I always know? I don’t have an endless supply of quick and easy exciting meals in my head…. Also, love the gif from ‘Problem Child’ – loved that film as a kid 🙂 #CoolMumClub

  6. Hahah what day is it today?! That’s me every day!! Today I thought it was Friday, I had my daughter dressed in non-uniform for children in need before realising I was a day ahead! Too many thoughts, not enough sleep!! #coolmumclub

  7. All of the above. All of the time. In fact I now have a little trick for no 27 as I find myself doing this more and more nowadays – it can be awkward, particularly when I’m at work and there are people in said room. I now like to glance at my watch and shake my head before turning around and walking right back out while I consider what in the hell I needed. I also use this when I realise I’ve walked straight passed the shop that I needed to go in. A bit like a “No I haven’t just got this totally wrong – I just noticed the time and realised that I do have time to go back and….” Makes me feel better anyway haha xx #coolmumclub

  8. Yes to basically all, at any given moment! Thinking up new meals to make (other than fish fingers and chips) gives me the shakes. #coolmumclub

  9. Yes, yes and yes to all of those. Especially the wine. I find myself thinking about wine an awful lot these days 😉

    Thanks for hosting #coolmumclub

  10. Hahahaha. Yes to all of these. Especially 10 – that made me laugh and 13 – This happens to me like 100 times a day and I even think it when my kids are in plain sight and then realise it must be next door! Paper thin walls!

    Amina xx #coolmumclub

  11. Hehe so funny! I hate cleaning under the table! You wonder how much they’ve actually managed to eat. I also have to confess that I NEVER think about doing 10mins exercise! Running around after 2 children is plenty for me! Haha #CoolMumClub

  12. Ha ha yes- I constantly have to ask the kids what day it is! I also have a daily ‘what the hell is in your hair ?’ thought while Flump screeches ‘OWWWWWWW’ x1000 as I try to brush unidentified goop out. #coolmumclub

  13. Ha ha, I’m howling. There’s only one I can say I definitely never have and thats the need coffee one, I can’t stand the stuff, so I’ll replace that with chocolate. I NEED chocolate all day every day! Everything else is totally spot on x

  14. Hehe I can certainly agree with some of these. You know I’ve mixed up two days before now and seem to have finally got a girl friend that accompanies me to the bathroom! #coolmumclub

  15. Haha love this! May I also add ‘where has the time gone?!’ Every day I must think and say this. I never get time to do the all things I need to do! And I realise I never shall again. Haha!

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