How to have the day to yourself (and truly do whatever you want): A mum’s guide

how to have the day to yourself

Let’s face it, having a day to yourself as a mum to do whatever you want for the most part….seems like a distant dream. But as mums, we crave and need a day off so greatly, and it’s no surprise seeing as it’s an absolute sanity saver. But having the day to yourself to do whatever you want doesn’t just “happen” as a mum – it’s a serious undertaking which takes a bit of negotiation, bribery and foresight, because we can’t just wake up one morning, yawn and stretch and think….ahhhhh! I’m going to have the day to myself and do whatever the hell I want….YEAH RIGHT!

But it can happen.

And it should happen.

And in this post I am going to tell you how to truly make it happen for you fine self.

So let’s get on with it shall we?

Step 1: Use whatever bullets you have left with your partner, family member or any other unsuspecting idiot in your life who will take pity on you and release you from your never ending mum duties and painful mum thoughts for the day.

Step 2: DO NOT PLAN. I know, I know….this might sound CRRRRAZY! you finally have a day to yourself to do what you want and I’m asking you not to plan. But the beauty of this one sweet day is that it is going to be a total blank page day (for more on that, see my favourite book of the moment F**** It Do What You Love by by John C Parkin, my hero. This might feel a bit scary, but you are going to be led minute by minute, hour by hour, by your impulses (just don’t get arrested!). More on how to do that below.

Step 3: Make sure for this one day you wear at least one thing you never get a chance to wear. OK I’m not talking about getting on some Ann Summers number, but you get the drift yeah?

Right, now you are ready to do whatever the hell you want. If you are staring at this page thinking WHAT ON EARTH IS THIS MAD WOMAN TALKING ABOUT, let me talk you through what happened on my own blank page day once the little was carted off.

  1. Put some crazy music on, danced around the room like a lunatic with nobody to tell me to stop it or question what the hell I was doing. Felt bloody good.
  2. Rocked up at the train station, thought I’d catch the train up to London.
  3. Bumbled down to the Southbank, saw the World Press Photo Exhibition was on – stumbled out of the cold and let tears roll down my cheeks at the images I was seeing (strangely cathartic). Thought I needed to take in another art exhibition.
  4. Strolled down the South Bank, thought I’d drift down to the Tate Modern. Spent an hour or so being totally perplexed by the new wing there, and its contents with nobody hanging off me, screaming, or wanting to run down THAT slope a bajillion times. Walked up 10 flights of stairs (almost having a cardiac en route) to the viewing deck without having to cart a small being with me. Marveled at the views of London. Felt alive again!
  5. Wondered around the West end stuffing my face full of muffins whilst walking without caring that my face was covered with crumbs, because I didn’t have to hide it from small people!
  6. Sauntered into Dover Street Market and ogled at designer clothes I could never afford and will never afford, just because I could.
  7. Spent an age pouring over about 100 piano books in Foyles, singing along to them like some batty lady before deciding to walk away with only two.
  8. Rocked up at Waterloo not having to worry about train times, got on a train and got home after 5pm…..OMG!!!!!!
  9. Played piano for an hour and a half without a single interruption. Sweet bliss!
  10. Had dinner all by myself whilst pouring over the Sunday Times supplements.
  11. Mooched around the house with a face pack without having to worry about freaking out or being told to take it off.

and so on…..

So nothing really out there, just what I wanted to do, as led by my sub conscious, at that precise moment. Damn it felt good! THIS is what every mum should be prescribed on a regular basis to over come our Melted Mum Brain syndrome. And then, well….we could rullllllllle the world! Or at least this parenting s***! And if you feel like running down the beach with a load of balloons as pictured above, well then bloody do it!

When was the last day you had a day to yourself to do whatever the hell you liked? Are you wayyyy overdue a blank page day?


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