7 must have apps for parents

app for parents
We all know being a mum or dad is like being hired for a new job role full time for the rest of your life except that instead of the payroll, you get the happiness, kindness and genuineness your little kids share. And we also all know that as with any  job there’s times when it can be exhausting and frustrating. So why not let your phone take on some of that – argh! – and load it with the most recent crop of  apps for parents. Some of them might not actually help directly, but at least they make your life….ummmm….more enjoyable as a parent!

1. Toytoy

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Are you among the ones who suffer from the typical chronical disease that infects almost every parents during Christmas? This app is intended to end with your sleepless nights thinking about your kids next gift. It is an endless curated toy catalogue that lets you create sharable wishlists,  check your friends’ ones and buy toys directly if you want to. A must have for this year’s Christmas!

Available for iOs and Android

2. Feed Baby – Baby tracker for Breastfeeding

Currently available over 80 different countries, Feed Baby offers parents a new way to track newborns breastfeedings, diaper changes, pumping and sleeps. It offers an iWatch app allowing mums to live stress free from babies daily routines – and that’s worth a shot in my book!

Available for iOS and Android

3. Pumpic

Parents of older children wondering about what they’re getting up to online and on their phone should look into Pumpic, a parental control app that lets you monitor your children’s apps, photos, text messages, call history, contacts, emails, and more. Parents of preteens will appreciate the features that let you track your child’s location and remotely lock devices, while those with older kids will appreciate being able to monitor messaging apps like Kik, WhatsApp, and Snapchat.

Available for iOs and Android

4. Nighty Night!

Reading is arguably one of the most important activities during childhood. It fosters creativity but also helps in developing writing skills. Besides, for many a goodnight kiss is not enough to help your little on to the land of sleep and that’s when a trusty book comes in! This app-book helps to foster a good sleep routine by modeling what they need to do through animals….sleep!.

Available for iOs and Android

5. Size Me Up

Sick of comparing your unborn child’s size to various fruits and veggies on those ubiquitous baby sites and apps? Size Me Up  tracks the growth of your baby week to week in more humorous terms, comparing your babe’s size to a pigeon, wine bottle, turkey, and more. LOVE!

Available for iOs

6. Curbi

Sign up for Curbi (free), register your family’s devices, and you’re ready to rule your family’s screen time remotely. You decide what to block (social media, YouTube), when to block it (say, at bedtime or after two hours of use), and which devices each of your rules apply to. Other cool features include the ability to instantly put your child’s device in timeout and the app’s weekly emailed report of each device’s usage.

Available for iOs and Android

7. Privet

There’s perhaps nothing more valuable to a new parent than the great advice of other parents, but judgment and general meanness can run rampant through the messaging groups of many baby sites – urh!. That’s where Privet  comes in. The app lets you anonymously post questions about parenting (Should my baby be sleeping through the night? Is my toddler’s language development normal?) to get real-time advice. The best part? Any bullies on the app quickly get booted.

Available for iOs and Android

Have you ever tried any of these apps before? Which ones would you consider using? If you enjoyed this post why not check out my review of Neveo app.

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