An A – Z of things you take for granted before becoming a parent (part 1)

things you take for granted before becoming a parent

From breakfast in bed to lazy days in front of the TV, despite all the joys of parenthood there are some things that we all universally miss from our life before littles. Here in this post, fab parenting bloggers come together to lament on those days gone by plus other things we totally took for granted before we became parents….

A for Alone Time

I need this to recharge. I love being social but just require time to myself to function. This has gone out the window after becoming a parent. I feel like I’m never alone. Nadia – from Scandi Mummy 

B for Breastfeeding

I just assumed it would naturally fall into place since it’s the biological norm. My, if only I knew what awaited, I would have learnt about it before I started it. This would have saved me lots of pain, tears, and confusion. Mo – from Adventures of a Novice Mum

C for Chilling Out

Being able to just lay around and not have to do anything at a set time or because someone is crying. Katy –  from Katy Kicker

D for Date Nights

Me and my husband used to go on a date night every Friday to the cinema and for a bite to eat. We haven’t done it since baby was born 5 months ago. I didn’t realise how hard it would be to get a babysitter for a few hours. Jo – from Miracle Max

E  for Eating

To be able to eat my own dinner all to myself without having to share! Laura – from Dear Bear and Beany

F for Freedom

One of the things I found most difficult to get used to was the lack of freedom, I’ve always been quite an ‘in the moment’ person and the realisation that I had to plan everything in advance hit me hard at first. Jennifer – from My Mummys Pennies 

G for Gung Ho

Before I became a Mum, I was so sure of myself! I knew what I was doing and felt confident with the decisions I made. Now… I second guess EVERYTHING. I constantly look for reassurance from my husband, family, friends, blogs, Facebook…you don’t have annual appraisals for being a parent and so it’s so difficult to know if you’re doing the right thing! Holly – from Little Pickles Mum

H for Hot Tea

The amount of luke warm teas I’ve choked down since being a mum!! Too desperate for the caffeine hit to make another. Louise – from Pink Pear Bear 

I for Income

Going from full time, to maternity pay is incredibly hard. What I spent my money on before kids is beyond me. Then back to work part time and basically spending all of your income on childcare is a killer. Oh and then being made redundant when pregnant with your second child = no income at all. Alex – from Lamb And Bear  

J for Just Popping Out

Going out can never just  “popping out” you can’t just pop out any more to do things. Everything is a military procedure often met with obstacles along the way such as code brown situations, shoe putting on melt downs and missing miniature toys which simply can’t be left behind!! Lara – from Adventures of a Mum

K for Keeping Time

I’ve always been scrupulously punctual – usually early! – for everything. Adjusting to how much longer it takes to do EVERYTHING after having a child took an extraordinarily long time. She turned six this summer, and I think we’ve more or less cracked it now… but imagine if we’d had another one! Alexandra – from Mokuska 

L for Leaving

Anywhere, anytime, in my own time without mountains of baby kit, without having to think about baby being hungry, or crying. Just be able to get up, put my shoes on & leave! Emily – from Mumma Lambert 

M for Music

Listening to my choice and not something sung by the chipmunks. These days a little slice of heaven is being alone in the car with my tuned cranked up and getting stuck in traffic. Clare – from Life, Love & Dirty Dishes

N for Not Having To Use Lifts

Not having to use Lifts everywhere! Just popping up the stairs or escalator when shopping! Samantha – from Chocolate And Wine And I’ll Be Fine

O for Ornaments

You know, basically anything at all in your house which is NICE, because after having kids it all has to be locked away because they can reach and break EVERYTHING! Amy – from 2 Boys 1 Mum  

P for Parents

I didn’t truly appreciate my own mother and father until I knew what it was like to have a child of my own. Joy – from The Sensory Seeker

Q for Quiet

Before having a kid, I never appreciated how nice silence was. Now, I’m subject to all manner of noise – annoying toys, stupid kids TV shows, shouting, crying, endless “daddy, daddy, daddy” etc. Dave – from The Dadventurer

R for Recovery

Recovering from a hangover or being ill in peace. Jenny – from Midwife And Life 

S for Sleep

Either a full nights sleep or spending the night in your bed with out a little foot digging in your back. Jessica – from Beauties And The Bibs

T for Toilet

Going to the toilet on my own, for more than two seconds and not having a little one at my ankles or screaming downstairs. Amy – from Mummy Fox

U for Unfettered Binge Watching

Long gone are lazy Sunday afternoons watching boxsets of Game of Thrones or some other adult rated show. Now we have to try and fit them in the short window between kid’s bedtime and ours. Simon – from Man Vs Pink

V for Vino

Before you have kids it’s a relaxed, enjoyable drink with friends or a meal, after kids it’s a necessity, gulped down in haste after you get them to bed, or glugged when you get in from work, to steel yourself for the homework rows.  – from Tattooed Mummy 

W for Waistline

I always thought I was big before…. how naive! Katie – from Mummy In a Tutu 

X for Xmas

Being able to have a relaxed chilled out Christmas that didnt start at stupid o clock! Emma – from Me and B Makes Tea

Y for Your Choice

Being able to choose my TV, dinner, schedule, whether or not I get climbed all over, whether to stay up late or get up early… Just all those simple every day choices I took for granted. They seem so precious now! Milla – from Live Oxfordshire

Z for The Zoo

It used to be a relaxing place to wander around. Instead, it became somewhere we walked around at break neck speed. Also helping out on a school trip and having 5 of your group chase a peacock through people’s picnics doesn’t make you very popular there. Stephanie – A Cornish Mum

Wow so many things we took for granted. If you’re a parent to be – quick! go forth and appreciate all the above because it’s all going to change very soon and if you’re a fellow parent….we feel your pain!

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