How to keep your relationship strong after kids

how to keep your relationship strong after kids

Raising kids and keeping your relationship strong takes a lot of effort. Great relationships don’t just happen; both people have to work on it. But as we all know…when time and money are tight, it’s hard to prioritize your spouse but that’s even more reason to do it.

Here are some everyday ways to keep that connection with your significant other strong:

Schedule time together

Don’t just wish you had the time – make it happen. It can be as simple as enjoying a favorite TV show together after the kids go to bed, or more complicated like a date night at least once a month. And set down the phones and tablets when you do it. Technology is great for parents, but not at the expense of real relationships. Set that time in advance though and don’t schedule over it. You need that down time to enjoy each other’s company so make sure you squeeze it in.

Keep it fresh

Think back to what first attracted you to your spouse and then revisit it. Maybe it’s an activity you enjoyed back then, or a fave restaurant. Life isn’t always about revisiting the past but finding fresh ways to reignite that spark through things you already love can really improve bonding.

Share interests

Some couples have a lot in common and some are the definition of opposites attract. Whatever the case with your relationship, find a way to share each other’s hobbies and interests. For us, this has meant me taking any interest in my partner playing poker and even being known to be the dealer on occasions (yes really!), or visiting art galleries together (because that’s my great love). Try to find time for the interests that each of you love and not always be running off to do those activities alone.

Budget together

Money is a huge stress factor and it is often cited as the largest contention point between couples. Avoid all that bad energy by working together toward financial goals, like budgeting, saving and spending. Decide together how to reach those financial endpoints and then work hard as a team to reach them.

Forgive easily

This is something I’ve really had to work on. When you share the same living space and life, it’s easy to get under each other’s skin from time to time. Try not to sweat the small stuff (a daily gratitude practice really helps with this – seriously!). Remember that in the larger picture of your life, the small annoyances of a day don’t really matter. If you truly believe that your partner is the best person for you then don’t allow resentment to build up.

How do you and your spouse find ways to spend time together when life gets hectic? How do you work together to keep on the same track together? Do leave a comment and share.

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  1. Thanks for tips, I can definitely relate to this having a 2 year old daughter. It is really important to make time for yourselves, whether it’s just a movie night or catching up without having the Disney channel on in the background.

  2. Love this… its so super important to maintain the fact you are in a couple not just a family and that you are together for a reason! We’ve got most of these down but I definitely need to work on forgiving easily… I certainly let things get under my skin far too easily! <3

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