Sex 10 years on – what does it look like?

sex 10 years on

My partner Mr C and I have been together almost ten years…nine years this year to be exact.

When it comes to sex in parenthood…if I’m honest things are a whole ten years different from when we first met. In our twenties, we were at it like you know from the responsibilities and tiredness of parenthood. We had all the time in the world…and could be langorousĀ if we so wished.

Then parenthood came and sleep took over as a priority, and sex became something that featured anywhere from one to four times a month, depending on the sort of month we were having. If it’s four then to me, that’s a good month!

But life gets in the way, as do broken nights sleep, illnesses, periods, winter, low energy levels, stress and general grumpiness.

It does feel like ensuring sex gets a regular look in – even if it’s only a quickie – can be like pushing water uphill with a fork just because of the other demands of life.

I really value sex as part of our relationship and intimacy, and quite honestly if things go too long without then…well things just feel very disjointed and disconnected to me.

So I guess I’m happy with our lot in life, although I think quite honestly the man could always do with more…needs must after all and they really do have more of a physical need to relieve themselves (read: aching ball bags) than us lady folk after all.

But the question is, what is a realistic expectation on the sex front after almost ten years together and you know, the whole sex with kids around thing in play?

I’d love to hear what you think. Please leave a comment and share what your thoughts are on the whole S.E.X. thing as parents are.

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  1. I have just sat here in tears of laughter this post is fantastic and such a true reflection of parents I think

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