5 ways that you can make children’s exam preparation fun

children's exam preparation

We all know that preparing for a test isn’t exactly the most fun thing that you can do, even if you are an adult. So, as parents we realise that encouraging our children to prepare for exams or tests, is going to be hard, even if they know that it is important that they do their best.

This is particularly true if your child finds that their exam prep is boring, or that they are becoming frustrated with it. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to give up completely. In fact, to help you to inspire them to make the most of their preparation and revision time, James at 11plustutorsinessex.co.uk has put together 5 ways that you can make exam prep fun for your child:

Make it playful

You will be hard pressed to find a child who doesn’t like to play from time to time, particularly if it makes work that little more enjoyable. Therefore, this means that it is really worthwhile seeing if you can encourage your child by turning their exam prep into play. The type of game that you put together is going to hugely depend on their own interests, likes and learning style of course, however, when you are creating a game, you need to make sure that your child is going to engage with it as much as possible.

Let them unleash their creativity

Focusing on one task for a prolonged period of time can be tricky for adults, let alone children. With children, you will find that they work best if you allow them some breaks away from the academic stuff. This means that working in some creative breaks where they can make, paint or draw whatever they want, is always going to work. Giving their brain a break and ensuring that they are ready to carry on with their prep.

Allow them some new stationary as a treat

Children, by their very nature, love receiving treats and often it doesn’t matter what form it comes in. This can even be true when it comes to new stationary such as pens, stickers or notebooks. Why not embrace this and see if some new stationary is going to inject a bit of focus into your child? You don’t need to spend a lot, but if they see that you are treating them, then chances are that they are going to work that little bit harder.

Put in an Oscar worthy performance

Now, we are sure that you are not quite ready to collect your leading man or lady just yet, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t practice your acting skills. Acting out particular topics is likely to be a huge help to your child. Not only does it mean that they are taking in what they need to know, but they are also going to have fun whilst they do it and this can have a huge bearing on how well they retain the information and then use it when it comes to exam time.

Change locations

The majority of studying, no matter what for, happens at home, and often it is sat at a table in the dining room or kitchen. Whilst this can work very well, if you find that your child is losing focusing and becoming bored, then you might want to think about changing your location. You can be surprised by how much brighter and ready to learn they can be if they get some fresh air, which means that changing things up and heading outside for a spot of exam prep, could be exactly what they need.

As you can see, whilst exam prep is hard, that doesn’t mean that it is impossible. Sometimes you just need to make it as fun as possible and you will see the results that you hope to achieve.

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