Technology vs nature: The importance of outdoor activities for children

outdoor activities for children

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It’s no secret that our childhoods were very different from those of our kids. For the most part, we didn’t have an abundance of technology available like our sons and daughters do today. Yes, we survived with questionable cell service, wonky dial up Internet connections, and even basic gaming consoles without streaming or online play. And, we can’t forget the pain of trying to do homework without the help of Google or YouTube.

Today, our children are digital natives and can’t even remember a time before the Internet or smartphones. According to the BBC, our children are spending an average of six hours in front of a device everyday and only 4 hours outside each week. For a parent, those are some pretty shocking numbers. This data makes it essential that we take a step back and examine the role technology is playing in our kids’ formative years. After all, our highly connected kids are missing out on the wonders of being outdoors and with nature.

The Problem With Too Much Technology

We all know that technology has revolutionized our communication and interactions. While a majority of these interactions are wonderful, we are starting to notice a few drawbacks when it comes to our children and technology. Please scroll through the following dangers associated with technology:

Why Outdoors Activities are Essential for Kids

Technology does have a time and place, but we can’t overlook the benefits nature provides that children are missing during the hours they are plugged in daily. After all, a child might spend almost 2,200 hours each year swiping and tapping a digital screen. That leaves little time to play outside, breathe fresh air, and enjoy the world around them.

The following list is a sampling of how nature can benefit a child’s emotional and physical well-being:

  • Outdoor activities allow children to develop skills that involve observation and creativity. In turn, this leads to higher levels of learning readiness and improved scores in school.
  • Being outside boosts immune systems from exposure to germs and bacteria found in dirt and by receiving a healthy dose of Vitamin D from sunshine.
  • Research has found green spaces reduce ADHD
  • Gardening and being surrounded by nature can help kids reduce stress.
  • Exposure to natural light helps regulate biorhythms which helps children create healthy sleep schedules.
  • Physical activity can decrease the likelihood a boy or girl will develop obesity, hypertension, or heart disease later down the road.

outdoor activities for children

Tips to Disconnect Technology and Connect with Nature

Our sons and daughters might be using technology at elevated rates, but we don’t have to resign our kids to an inactive lifestyle. In an effort to counteract the negative side of technology, we need to challenge ourselves to maintain a healthy balance with nature in our homes. This makes it vital we provide plenty of opportunities for kids to head back outdoors.

To help our children embrace essential outdoor activities, read through the following tips:

  • Reward kids with technology time based on every hour spent outside.
  • Make it a family affair and head outside together. Try to do this for one hour daily and start a game of catch, garden, or take a walk together.
  • Designate technology-free zones at home. Try to limit technology use in bedrooms and during family meals.
  • Implement a technology “curfew” each night where everyone powers down for the evening at a set time.
  • Look for free or low-cost events that are hosted at local parks or communities.

What suggestions can you share to get kids to power down and head outside? Do leave a comment and share.

Technology vs nature: The importance of outdoor activities for children

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