5 life lessons nature can teach children + a My Living World #giveaway

lessons nature can teach children

Nature is an amazing thing which sometimes as adults – quite frankly – we take massively for granted. One of the things I’m so thankful for in motherhood is that my daughter has helped me slow down and see the everyday wonder that is nature for all the wow-factor it really is. It’s no surprise that children are so fascinated by nature – after all there are so many life lessons nature can teach children because nature is not only the greatest playground but also the most amazing classroom too.

Whether they’re lying on the grass looking up at clouds, marvelling at ants busying away or listening to the pure joy that is bird song, the sights, scents, sounds, and textures of nature provide so many opportunities for discovery. And because The WildLife Trusts 30 Days Wild – a campaign encourages everyone to do something wild every day in June –  is happening as I write,  I’ve teamed up with Nick Baker’s My Living World which offers the very best nature study kits on the market, allowing children to discover the wonders of nature in a fun, safe and stimulating way, to share some life lessons that nature can teach children plus a fab giveaway to win a My Living World nature study bundle.

5 life lessons nature can teach childrenlessons nature can teach children

Nature teaches there is a right time for everything

The changing of the seasons, the first sight of snowdrops,  the butterfly emerging from its chrysalis, the migration of birds after summer –  the amazingly  balanced, cyclical nature of life teaches children there is a right time for everything and because nature achieves everything without hurrying, playing witness to this helps children develop their own capacity for patience – a really valuable life lesson in this this fast-paced, on-demand modern world we live in!

lessons nature can teach children

There is beauty and potential in everything

Nature teaches children to slow down and look for the beauty in details, whether it’s marvelling at how many swirls there are on a snail shell, looking at the intricate pattern of a flying ants wings, or oooohing and ahhhhhing over the different shapes of the leaves on the ground. It also teaches that there is always beauty to be found everywhere in this world, so long as you slow down, open your eyes, and look for it.

lessons nature can teach children

Life doesn’t need to be so materialistic

Sometimes I feel like we’re all worshipping at the alter at consumerism….but thankfully nature really does teach children that the best things in life are free. When they’re in nature, they really have the best seat in the house for the most coveted show in the world – the animals and insects going about their daily life, the sun sets and the stars, the water and the sun. Nature teaches that you don’t need to have money for everything in this world, and in turn some amazing things just can not be bought with money.

The bad times don’t last

The weather might be absolutely horrific – there might be cracking thunder storms, or fogs you can’t see in, or penetrating winds, but these always pass on, and watching and feeling this as a child teaches them that sure – bad things and times happen, but they always blow over.

lessons nature can teach children

Communication is key

The ability to communicate effectively with others is so important to the lives of all creatures. Whether it’s earthworms communicating through touch and taste, or  squirrels warning each other about nearby predators, nature teaches that communication is essential for survival of all living beings.

I’m a firm believer that getting children outdoors and connecting with nature is not only essential to their well-being, but also an amazing learning experience for them. In fact, I know that there are so many more things nature teaches children (perhaps a follow up post some time!) and that’s why I’m really excited to now share with you this fantastic giveaway….

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If you’re looking for ideas on how to get your child more connected with nature why not check out this post on how to supercharge your children the Forest School way?


  1. I teach science and biology and I am always looking for ways to engage my daughters in my interests. This would be fantastic.

  2. Daisy loves exploring nature. She has a magnifying glass and is always looking at plants and trying to see where the seed heads are. Recently she has been collecting the seed heads from flowers that have reached the end of their blooming period and she’s storing them all in envelopes in the hope that she can grow new flowers next year.

  3. My grandchildren are always wanting to help in the garden and are always asking questions about the plants and wildlife

  4. My son loves anything to do with creepy crawlies so he would adore this. Thanks for the chance to be your lucky winner

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