5 creative ideas for a children’s party

ideas for a children's party

Marking your child’s birthday with a party is a long-standing tradition involving lots of fun and games, some food and drink you wouldn’t usually serve, and plenty of cake. Parties can be stressful if you’re not organised, so you’ll need to get shopping for those Party Bags and Supplies long before the date of the party itself – especially if there’s a particular theme you’re going for.

Some of the best parties are those that have a “theme”, and while themes such as the current favourite superhero or film character are easy enough to prepare, they can be a little be predictable and boring. So why not spice up your party game with something a little bit more interesting? Here are some ideas to get you started.

Pirates ahoy!

Both boys and girls love sailing the high seas in search of treasure and a pirate themed party is bound to be full of fun and adventure. Suggest your guests come in fancy dress and welcome them aboard the SS Church Hall with Jolly Rodger bunting – and don’t forget to fly the flag too!

Games can include a treasure hunt for chocolate coins, “put the eyepatch on the pirate” instead of pin the tail on the donkey or “the Cap’n says” as an alternative to “Simon Says”.

Hungry pirates like their grub, so serve them rumless punch, ship’s biscuits (or your own, sweeter version!)  and treasure chest chocolate spread sandwiches.

Unicorn magic

ideas for a children’s party

Beautiful, majestic creatures that they are unicorns are also incredibly popular with children of all ages.   Strips of cheap voile hung from the ceiling can make a magical den from even the most uninspiring room and guests can be given pointy party hat “horns” or their own unicorn headband.

Unicorns are gregarious by nature and like playing games such as pass the parcel or follow my leader where they can all join in. The obvious cake has to be a unicorn one and many supermarkets stock them although they are very easy to make.

You can also add a bit of magic to the event by serving up colour changing drinks, that turn pink when lemonade is added!

We’re going on safari

Small children love big animals with giraffes, tigers, lions and zebras high on the list. Young children may find it difficult to concentrate on complex games, but musical bumps is always popular and can be integrated into the theme by telling them they to sit down or they’ll be eaten! As a calm down at the end of the session try playing “Sleeping Lions” where the cheeky monkey has to try to wake the “lions” without touching them.

Animal cutters are great for making novelty sandwiches, or try making insects and monkey open sandwiches using different ingredients for different parts.

Candy land

ideas for a children’s party

Pretty much all kids have a sweet tooth so why not embrace the fact with a sweet or cake themed party? Provide biscuits or cupcakes to decorate as guests arrive then have a game of party bingo when everyone has turned up. For older children you can play the “doughnut game” – tie doughnuts to a string and see who can eat theirs without using their fingers or licking their lips!

Of course, you need to serve up some food, but to keep sugar within reasonable bounds make sure at least some of the confectionery is pretend with cake or doughnut themed plates.

Gaming party

Older kids may just want to hang out with their friends playing computer games rather than have a full-scale party, and such a party is very easy to arrange.

If you don’t have sufficient equipment you can see if you can borrow off other parents or arrange for a specialist company to come in with their systems. Decide in advance how you are going to run it to ensure everyone gets a turn. You may want to provide other activities such as crafts or access to a bouncy castle for the children who aren’t playing if you don’t have enough gaming seats to go around.

Party food is easy to take care of too, with pizza and chips being the obvious choice. Keep costs down by heating up your own or make the party seem like more of a treat by ordering in takeaway to be delivered at a convenient time.

Set the scene for the party by hanging room decorations featuring famous characters such as Mario, Fortnite Assault Troopers or Creepers. Even if they’re older, balloons are still popular and you can finish off the session with a piñata full of thematic gifts.

For a party cake an easy idea is to make a giant console or controller, using a shop-bought cake as the base if you don’t fancy baking.

Whatever age your children are, there’s sure to be a party idea or two here that they’d love or you can even combine a couple of the ideas above to make for a party that is extra-special – for example, like combining one of the above ideas and having it somewhere like a party place for toddlers chandler. Do you have any ideas for a children’s party to add to the above? Do leave a comment and share.

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