7 fun birthday party ideas for children (to totally wow them!)

So it’s your child’s birthday again and you’re currently frantically googling fun birthday party ideas for children which led you here! Resist the urge to do a bog standard village hall and bouncy castle job….instead I’ve teamed up with Hello Print UK –  which is a great place to get personalized party invitations or themed printables for your party decorations – plus fellow parenting bloggers in the know (along with party gurus from FDP) to bring you seven fun birthday party ideas for children that will totally wow them….

Sublime science birthday party

At a Sublime Science Party you can expect a fun-filled, action packed party including “magic” tricks and experiments where the children’s mouths will fall wide open with amazement, a sweet making science experiment, bubbles, smoke and flying things where the birthday child gets to be the star of the show plus gooey slime making!

Animal handling birthday party

Have an animal handling party – you can hire someone to come in with animals which the kids can hold like snakes, spiders and even have birds sit on their heads!

Forest school birthday party

Go back to nature with a forest school party – building dens, making hats with things you find in a field and cooking marshmallows over a fire pit! Perfect for a summer birthday party.

Pony riding birthday party

Try organising a party with your local pony place – it’s actually not too expensive as you take less children. Look for somewhere you can get a full hour on the ponies and then a party room afterwards. This is a great effortless option.

Sandy art birthday party

Go for the latest craze in children’s entertainment – a sandy art party! They are great and so easy to organise for kids of around 5/6 years old. Find a hall or even your home and the Sandy Art entertainer will take care of the rest, even the invitations. She brings all the activities needed for the Sandy Art and you just supply the food.

Sleep under birthday party

Hold a ‘Sleep Under’ party. The company comes and puts up little mini tents, sleeping bags etc in your lounge creating a fantastic festival sleepover. It’s all the fun of camping out bu in a contained and non weather dependent party. A great twist on a sleepover party!

Cowboy/girl birthday party

Hold a cowboy/girl party with activity stations like hoop la with a ‘lasso’ rope, hobby horse riding race, panning for gold etc. You could even get some wanted posters printed featuring the birthday boy or girl from Hello Print UK!

Which of the above fun birthday ideas for children grabbed you?

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With thanks to all who contributed their ideas to this post including Katy Kicker, Rock and Roll Pussy CatFree From Farm House, Nomi Palomy, Motherhood DiariesDevon Mama, Bubba Blue and Me

*This article is in collaboration with Helloprint UK

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  1. I like the idea of an animal handling party as we don’t have any pets and it would be a cool way for the kids to get to grips with a wide range of animals. Lots of fantastic ideas though!

  2. It’s my daughter’s birthday this month and we’ve been thinking hard about the right kind of party, so lots of new ideas here, I love the concept of a sleepunder!

  3. I love these ideas – my kids have been to animal handling parties (not one for me though) and science parties and absolutely loved them! My youngest had a football party this year and had the best time 🙂

  4. I really love the idea of an animal handling party , my daughter is obsessed with animals so a day like that would make her day x

  5. Lovely ideas. We have always done ‘Do it yourself’ parties up until now but I can see is getting in a company as they get older

  6. OK, you literally just reminded me that my Daughter’s third birthday is 2 weeks away and I have no idea what to do for her. The pony riding party sounds fun, I hope she will love it xx

  7. Great party ideas. We had a pirate themed one a while ago, with a treasure hunt. This year my son wants to do a craft party.

  8. Hi, my name is Melanie and I run Sandy Art. If anyone would like to find out more about our fantastic Sandy Art parties, you can reach us on 07984 023628 or email [email protected] 🙂

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