5 ways toddlers are like bad bosses

Hands up who has had a bad boss in their time? Well I certainly have had a few in my career..and with the recent release of the much talked about film The Boss Baby it got me thinking just how much not so much babies….but in fact toddlers are like bad bosses.

So without further ado let me break down 5 ways bad bosses and toddlers are basically interchangeable:

Bratty behaviour

Unreasonable demands, out and out bullying, total defiance, fits of rages, crazy impulsiveness, unbridled egocentricity, whopping tantrums, sneaky behaviour and a hell of a lot of whining and shirking of responsibility – all in a day’s work for a toddler or a bad boss.

Appearing to be helpless

….when quite frankly they are more cunning and vindictive than most of us put together! – swinging from being absolutely incapable one minute to massive control freaks the next and being in their grip whilst swaying from one extreme makes you want to set your pants on fire.

A stark sense of delusion

They live in a fantasy world where your voice is never heard (only that of their imaginary friends)  and where they think anything and everything that seems totally non sensical to anyone a firm grasp on reality is frighteningly possible. God help us all.

Being as fickle as a fish

Changing wants and moods leave you teetering on the edge of an epic nervous breakdown as you walk the line of never knowing which way they will go day in day out, as they bend your sensibilities this way and that until….SNAP!

Utter uselessness

Wide ranging forgetfulness when it suits them combined with an attention span shorter than a goldfish makes both a walking disaster zone, especially when combined with irrational fears, extremes neediness plus endless and quite frankly pointless questioning.

My god, how can we let either toddlers or bad bosses govern us knowing all of the above!!!?

Have you ever had a bad boss that’s acted more like a toddler? Or a toddler that’s acted like a bad boss? Do share in a comment below.

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  1. I’ve had a boss in the past I would gladly swap for my toddler. Both badly behaved but the toddler is at least cute #coolmumclub

  2. Ha! I’ve always been very lucky with the bosses that I’ve had but I can totally see the similarities with a toddler here!! #coolmumclub

  3. Hehe, so funny!! At least bosses pay you, whereas toddlers just haemorrhage money! #coolmumclub

  4. Reading this reminded me how much I DO NOT miss having a boss! I already have one, and she’s two years old 😉

    Here’s to being our own bosses! #coolmumclub

  5. Haha yes!! I considered looking for another job yesterday because my ‘boss’ was so unreasonable! #coolmumclub

  6. I was pretty lucky in the bosses department – honestly.
    My new ’employers’ though (husband and 2 daughters) leave a lot to be desired!
    The demands and helplessness is unbelievable!!!

  7. Ha, nice! I think you could do a follow up post in reverse about how bad bosses are like teenagers because I’ve had a good number that make me feel like I’m still in high school. #coolmumclub

  8. My toddler is definitely the baddest boss I’ve ever had! He’s stubborn, always has to have his own way and is ridiculously demanding. Loved this post, very funny #coolmumclub

  9. One boss I had would say they’d like to speak to me later and then have me wondering what I’d done all day! They said it was character building. #coolmumclub

  10. The similarities are uncanny! Now if only we could get the tiny humans to pay us as much as the bad bosses do? (Or don’t as the case may be haha). Love it hon. Thanks for hosting #coolmumclub x

  11. Hahah that last one made me smile!! And think of a particular ex boss! #coolmumclub

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