My 6 natural skin care essentials

 natural skin care essentials

As a busy mum I don’t have oodles of time to spend on my beauty routine, but I do have some essentials I can’t live without, and I like to keep them natural and organic (all those nasties…please step away from my skin please!). So what are my everyday natural skin care essentials? Below are the items I couldn’t do without:

Argan Oil

Although I first started out with Argan Oil on my hair I recently discovered how amazing it is on the face too and if you’re not already in the know, check out the benefits of Argan Oil for skin here. I love to slather my face in Argan Oil last thing at night (don’t worry, it absorbs incredibly quickly so no fear on it being smeared all over your pillow), to wake up with an amazingly hydrated and glowing face in the morning (no matter how little sleep you’ve had). Every mum’s best friend.

Hylauronic acid serum

Seriously, if you’re not already using a hylauronic acid serum on a daily basis then errrr…hello! You need this in your life. In our never ending fight against collagen delcine, this should be your number one ally because anything with hyaluronic acid keeps collagen synthesis up, plus it keeps your skin nourished and it an overall hero in the anti-ageing fight. I love to use this under my oil treatment before bed every night and every morning too.

Micellar Water

The wonder child of facial cleansing, if you’re still cleaning your face with a cleanser and toner every night or god forbid wipes, you’re living in the dark ages. This stuff knows how make your face super clean and bright at the end of a long hard day. I prefer to go for natural options without WTF unnecessary added ingredients like this one.

Cleansing Wash

Our faces take enough abuse during the day without having to worry about getting all dried up and chemical laden with the wrong kind of cleansing wash. Opt for something kind to your skin which focuses on hydration and contains essential oils to help form a protective layer to keep all the goodness and keep things in balance like Weleda’s Iris Hydrating Facial Lotion.

Luxury face cream

No not any old skin cream, but a luxury skin cream. I think a lot of people are under the impression that if a face cream is natural it can’t be luxurious but that couldn’t be further from the truth! In fact, natural face creams which use pure essential oils like orange essential oil which works against removing wrinkles, myrrh which is effective against cracked skin and cedarwood which soothens your skin can go a long way in repairing your skin and turning back the hands of time.

Lip balm

And last but not least, don’t leave out the lip balm! Lips can take a battering through the winter months so need protecting right the way through  and then need extended TLC during Spring to get them back to how they were before the North wind had its wicked way with them. Look for something with Argan Oil and Vitamin E like this lip balm to restore their softness.

Do you prefer to use natural skin care as part of your daily routine? What are your skin care essentials? Do leave a comment below and share.

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  1. I love argan oil too! It’s my go-to when my skin needs a boost. I use an organic lip balm from Neal’s Yard, my lips don’t tolerate anything petroleum based.

  2. Hi,

    I always bring with me a lip balm. Leave everything else, but not the lip balm. I am using Chapstick lip balm and it gives enough moisture to my lips. I don’t want my lips to look dry. Thank you for sharing these natural skin care essentials.

  3. As any mother knows, taking time for yourself with a baby in the house is a challenge. I have not thought of using Argon oil on my hair or my face. This is great news as I like using natural products. I think I will squeeze in a few moments to try this.

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