50+ fantastic homeschool resources you need in your life & #win!

With homeschool being a hot topic of conversation with the closure of UK schools tomorrow, in the next of our homeschool series, we wanted to share a list of homeschool resources as recommended to us by Homeschool Guru and from word of mouth recommendations from across our networks. So here goes!

Subject books

The Life of Fred Mathematics Series

The Story of the World

Usbourne Encyclopedias

Maths? No Problem! Teach Your Own

AE Publications


Wow in the World

The Two Princes

Ear Snacks 

Short n Curly

David Walliams’ Marvellous Musical Podcast




Reading Eggs




Curiosity Stream

Tynker: Coding for Kids



Creative Bug

Scholastic Learn At Home programme

Classroom Secrets

Love Writing Co.

Stage Academy

50 fantastic homeschool resources #homeschool #homeschooling #homeschooltips



National Geographic Junior

The Week Junior

You Tube channels


Crash Course Kids

Free School

Smarter Every Day

Kids Learning Tube



Cosmic Kids Yoga




Sick Science

Science Channel

SciShow Kids


Mike Likes Science

Science Max

Geek Gurl Diaries

Geography and the world

GEOgraphy Focus

National Geographic Kids



Reading Chest

Coronavirus Homeschooling Facebook group & Homeschooling during Coronavirus Facebook group

Coronavirus Home Learning Support for Teachers and Parents

Virtual museum, aquarium and zoo tours

I would recommend spending some time going through the above list and seeing what you think resonates with you and your children and then making a note of them as your favourite homeschool resources. For us already, there are some clear favourites we will be including as we embark on our homeschooling journey but as with all things in parenting, there will be a lot of trial and error!

If you have any other homeschool resources you would like to recommend in addition to those listed above, please do let us know what they are in a comment below. Happy homeschooling!

And finally….


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  1. SO many great resources! My son is in preschool so no real “need” to educate him at home any differently to how I usually would. But I see this as a great opportunity to work on some skills with him and will making use of all the great resources available

    • We have been love bbc bitesize for my 5 year old, the teach your monster to read app for my 3 year old and Disney+ as an essential for downtime!

  2. Twinkl is always fantastic and I use this at work (school) the BBC Bitesize stuff this week has been fab for my son.

  3. Twinkl as it provides instant access to a complete range of teacher created, engaging and inspiring teaching materials.

  4. we have been doing the work that the school has sent and doing lessons via Zoom, not sure of all the other resources but know Usborne books have been used

  5. We have brilliant schools in Sunderland, we have been given homeschooling packs, they have placed classes on line, and teachers have been dropping off packs weekly.

  6. I’m fortunate enough to have a garden so learning about nature,especially graden birds,has figured strongly.

  7. My daughter is in high school so she uses podcasts, along with online work from her teachers. She is also cooking meals for her cooking, DIY by fixing her wardrobe and astronomy…looking at the stars this past week with her telescope.

  8. My children all used bitesize right up to age 16 unfortunately I don’t know what my grandson uses as I haven’t seen him for 2 months but will mention Twinkl to his mum

  9. Thanks for all the links. I shall go through them and then send my daughter a list of resources to use with my granddaughter.

  10. Although it’s not a formal resource, I’ve loved using Ryans World magazine with 4 year old Leo. I’m not a huge fan of Ryans world generally, but Leo loves it and the magazine has lots of things (eg word searches) that have really kept his interest.

  11. with children with autism we have a sheet showing now and next in a scheduled day which helps keep a calm and relaxed home enviroment 🙂

  12. My grandchildren have been using Twinkl. It sounds brilliant. The school has also gone all out to provide education on line. They have been working to make sure that the children have all the help they can possibly give. I think they all deserve a medal at the end of this (teachers and parents)

  13. Reading Eggs/Maths Seeds are phenomenal – my 5 year old has progressed faster at reading & maths using those for 2 months than school could achieve!

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