Improving reading skills with Reading Chest + a #giveaway!

improving reading skillsIs your child just starting out on their reading journey? Are you wondering how you can support them?  When it comes to improving reading skills there is one thing that works hands down, and that’s daily reading. But when it comes to actually getting your child to read daily, sometimes….well, it’s not as easy as one might hope eh?!

Having a constant supply of books around that they can pick up and read does help, but if you’re anything like me in this busy mum life you will have a pile of old overdue library books which were meant to go back to the library months ago – and a pile of books which have been sat there for yonks do not the most exciting reading motivation maketh!

So when I heard about a new service called Reading Chest – a book rental service specialising in reading scheme books for children aged 4 to 9 years old – I thought….this is just what we need right now ….books delivered to our door for someone who is falling head over heals in love with reading….hurrah!

How it works

Reading Chest is a through-the-post book rental service for children. After an initial delivery of 4 or 6 reading books depending on your package, you simply return the books in the pre-paid envelope and wait for some more to arrive in the post. It’s as easy as that!

Choosing your child’s books

The books are sorted into reading levels known as book bands which you will probably be familiar with because they are used in school. When you sign up for a subscription for Reading Chest, you simply let them know the book band which supports their level on their school reading scheme, and they send you a selection of books in the relevant band.

This is the selection of books we received! As you can see they come with a bag to keep them in, a reading progress chart and stickers, bookmark and return addressed envelopes.

Improving reading skills

improving reading skills

Our thoughts

First off, E loved the selection of books – they were a good mix of fiction and non fiction, and something about the fact that they are sent to you and then you return them to get some news ones in the post made it feel really exciting for her….which helped with any defiant reading struggles!  

It was great having these books to supplement her school reading…often she would finish her school book and then we would continue her daily reading by filling in the gaps with the books from Reading Chest throughout the week or at the weekend which has worked really well.

Over the course of the last couple of weeks, she’s read all six books and I’ve really seen a difference in her reading – on her school reading scheme she has jumped up a whole colour band and is reading books I never thought I would hear or see here read including her favourite bedtime book – The Lion King. We’ve just put our books back in the post for the first of our four monthly book swaps and she’s super excited to receive her new ones soon!

Summing up

Reading Chest has been a great win for us in terms of improving reading skills – I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to supplement the reading they are given at school.  It’s a great way of keeping up a fresh and relevant supply of books in the house to support your child’s reading and with subscriptions starting at £9.95 per month for a Bronze Package it’s really reasonable too. You can take a closer look at the different packages here.

And now for the exciting part….


Win a 6 month silver package from Reading Chest worth £80  on my giveaways page here

Good luck everybody!





  1. Oh this sounds brilliant! I’m going to go over and enter now. I love encouraging my kids to read, thankfully they are both loving reading right now x

  2. My daughter aged four has just started to read and is keen as mustard. My son is nearly nine and finds reading a drag so I’m always trying to find books that will captivate him!

  3. I have 9 grandchildren all of whom love being read to and with 3 of them now at school they are starting to read to nanny

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