5 tips to get your children to love reading

children to love reading

I am a massive book lover, and was lucky to fall in love with reading from a young age – something that has stayed with me right up to this day. But it didn’t happen by accident, this was something my dad worked really hard to nurture in me from a young age. As I’m sure you will know, reading has many benefits and can have a huge impact on children’s lives, mentally, sociologically and educationally –  and so getting your children to to love reading is perhaps the greatest gift of all.

So how exactly can we get our children to love reading? Check out these handy tips from BookTrust, the largest reading charity in the UK to get you started.

child love reading

Spend 10 minutes a day

Spending just 10 minutes a day, every day, reading together will show your children that you enjoy spending time with them and that reading matters to the whole family. Story time at bedtime is the perfect time to snuggle down with a lovely book away from noise, television and mobile phones.

Make them a storyteller

Encourage your child to be the storyteller: let them read the pictures to you, talking about what they see happening on the page.  This helps your child think about what the story might be about and look for meaning when they read.

Make room for books in the toybox

Give your children books to enjoy, alongside their toys and games. Then they can look at a book whenever they feel like it, encouraging them to read for enjoyment.

Make noises and funny faces

Make animal noise or sound effects when reading with your children helps bring the story to life (and will make you both laugh!). If you feel comfortable, you could also try pulling funny faces or putting character voices. This always makes children giggle.

Encourage puppet play

Storytelling can be brought to life by encouraging your child to act out favourite stories: either taking on a role from the book or using toys to be characters. Puppets also offer a wonderful way of engaging children with characters.

What do you do to encourage a love of reading in your children? Do leave a comment and share.

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  1. start them young, even from a few weeks introduce books, they will love the colours and shapes, activey make time every day for books

  2. My tips would be to show a real interest, plenty of praise and patience! It’s so worth it! I love reading with my daughter

  3. My little tips are to always have a small selection of books knocking around the house and regularly swap them around. Also, start reading to your child as soon as possible. Right from birth. Get them familiar with books from an early age x

  4. I’ve been reading to my children since they were born, so they naturally picked it up. Lead by example has helped us with reading

  5. Great tips! It’s really simple to make reading more interesting with funny noises and faces. I never think to do this but I will remember now. I’m going to move books out of my son’s bedroom to have alongside his toys.

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