Three quick and easy Christmas table centerpiece ideas for stressed out mums

Christmas table centerpieces

As a mum, it’s probably not a lie when I state that when it comes to dining tables and Christmas centerpieces, they are probably quite far down on your list of things to do for Christmas. We’re probably more focused on getting the turkey on the table on time (and not burnt or undercooked!), avoiding kiddy meltdowns and overall keeping our sanity together on the day.

And because we have zero time, limited brain bandwidth, and probably not even enough dining chairs to sit everyone in any case –  it’s all about keeping things simple on the table. Thankfully, there are a few ideas which take minutes to knock up and can make you look like you’ve got this Christmas lark locked down (even when you haven’t really).

So I’ve teamed up with Furnish Your Home to share three ideas for super quick and easy Christmas table centerpieces ideas that even I wouldn’t be able to mess up:

A vase full of baubles

You know all those baubles which have lost their string and haven’t made it over to the Christmas tree? Well gather them up and pop them in a vase as per this suggestion from Be A Fun Mum. Maximum impact, minimum effort – just how we like it! I might add that you can also pop in a string of LED lights with this for a more sparkly version.  See the full tutorial here.

easy Christmas table centerpiece ideas

Picture credit: Be A Fun Mum

Cranberry luminaries

Another super quick idea which looks like you’ve really thought this one through, this time from Today’s Creative Life – you only need a simple jar, something green, some cranberries, a candle and some water for this one…simple decorating at its best! See the full tutorial here.

Christmas table centerpiece ideas

Picture credit: Today’s Creative Life 

Paint up some pine cones

Move away from the traditional snowy pine cone for a stand out modern twist with this lovely painted pine cone idea from A Subtle Revelry. For the full tutorial see here.

Christmas table centerpiece ideasPicture credit: A Subtle Revelry 

Three quick and easy Christmas table centerpiece ideas

So if you’re looking at this just before the big C day thinking uh oh! my table needs some love, these are three super easy and quick Christmas centerpiece ideas can give your Christmas table a bit of a lift with minimum fuss. I personally love all of these and will probably be found the night before Christmas probably spray painting pine cones! In the meantime, don’t forget to check out my post packed full of tips on how to take the stress out of Christmas and also this one on gorgeous personalised Christmas decorations for your home.

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